Haunt, 2019

Haunt, 2019

This is an American slasher movie both directed and written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. It received mixed and positive reviews from their critics and had that limited release by the Momentum Pictures.

Cast Lists

  • Katie Stevens appeared as Harper                           
  • Will Brittain appeared as Nathan
  • Andrew Caldwell appeared as Evan                         
  • Shazi Raja appeared as Angela
  • Schuyler Helford appeared as Mallory                    
  • Samuel Hunt appeared as Sam
  • Lauryn McClain appeared as Bailey                          
  • Chaney Morrow appeared as the Ghost
  • Justin Marxen appeared as the Clown                    
  • Damian Maffei appeared as the Devil


During the Halloween night in the Carbondale, Illinois, the roommates Bailey and Harper attended the party altogether where they encounter their friends Mallory and Angela. The team befriends two guys, Evan and Nathan, and they all settled to take the ride together. Throughout that evening, Harper suspected that she had been stalked by the guy in the devil mask. The team soon encountered the haunted house attraction that they choose to attend to. Before they come in, they are obliged to giving up their cellular phones and sign the liability waivers. The team soon became separated right after coming in the maze; Bailey, Angela and Nathan encounter the series of armholes. But, as Bailey sticks the arm inside, it has been slashed with the straight razor. In the mean time, Harper, Mallory and Evan are crawling through the sequences of tunnels when Evan and Harper lose Mallory. They bump back up together with the others, then, they soon discovered that they are being locked inside the room. The team then witnesses the performer in the witch mask impaled Mallory by the head with the hot fire poker just before disappearing.

The team, now believed they are in risk, sends Nathan by the rest of their house to locate for the exit. He encountered the guy in the ghost mask who called himself “Mitch”, who agreed to assist the others. They are traveling back to the tunnel, where Mitch told them they needed to crawl back in single file in order to shun from the trap door. Mitch and Evan go by first, even though Mitch secures the exit shut since Nathan had been crawling by. In the mean time, the guy in his devil masked from the previous attacks the gals and then kills Angela. Bailey escapes into the tunnels whereas Harper escaped to one more area of the house. Then, Bailey accidentally activated a trap door, then, dropping Nathan to the house’s operation room. He rescued Harper with the nail gun right after she has been attacked by a Devil just before finding the team’s phones in the other room. In the mean time, Mitch and Evan make it outside; however, Evan became suspicious right after his friends did not come back in a while. Then, Mitch kills him with the hammer just before tearing off his face.

Writer’s Notion

Honestly, you will not expect anything from the movie at first, but, it was pleasantly surprising, especially if you are not a torture or the slasher genre fan, and you are more of the supernatural horror fan. Surely, you will enjoy this movie. Although, there is nothing much new in here, but just let’s be honest, the truly original tales are few and are also far in between. The movie actors were great, the set and the acting was all good, and the different puzzles and traps were all fun. The movie does not attempt to explain itself, but, just the mental scary and haunted house. But, its suspense is being maintained throughout, and you will surely like the ending part of the movie, which was the change from the normal return of a psycho shock.

The movie is a normal Halloween scary movie about the group of friends that gets into the haunted house who all ended up being haunted.

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