Hell Baby 2013

hellbaby1After watching the Conjuring in cinema, I watched this Hell Baby last weekend. It was a comedy horror film so I was interested to see what the film could give to the viewers. This film was all about a couple who moves into a house that is said to be the most haunted in New Orleans, a deadly demonic curse filled the house. The Vatican’s elite team of exorcist came to save them from a satanic baby.

The film had the right cast which was the strong point of this movie. The acting of each of the cast was really good. They did their very best in bringing their characters in the film. They threw funny jokes very well which will get you interested to see more of the movie. It was just a cheap humor which was something stupid, but for me it could make me laugh. I liked Jack’s character here and I think he had the best character in the film. I liked the way he freaks out when there were abnormal happenings and he yells like a lunatic person. I also liked some of the other actors in the movie.

Hell Baby was not showing anything serious, just making fun about the whole thing that was happening in the entire film, especially hellbaby2between Heaven and Hell. It was an average film. There was a horror of it when a demonic person who appeared instantly, but the comedy on it was overpowering. For me, I liked it because of too many hilarious and absurd jokes. However, this film was not the best one, but at least the creators of this film offered silly jokes and hilarious performances.

On the other hand, the downside of this film was that it was not perfectly made. There were some flaws in the script and the jokes and gags are quite common, but for me I appreciated that way they delivered their jokes. At least the actors presented the dialogues quite well even hellbaby3though the jokes were ordinary. Probably, not all of the movie goers could appreciate this film since most of the characters here were doing goofy, but viewers like me who could appreciate simple jokes, this movie is one to watch.

If you like horror comedy and you can appreciate simple jokes, then “Hell Baby” is absolutely the film you must watch. There are fun and entertainment you can find in the film.



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