Hell Fest 2018

The movie is an American film by director Gregory Plotkin, and with many writers from the story of Penick, Sey and Susco. The movie is about a crowd of teens that were stalked by the serial killer while on a visit to the traveling Halloween carnival.

The Cast Lists

Amy Forsyth played as Natalie

Elle Graham played the Other’s Daughter

Christian James played as Quinn

Bex Taylor-Klaus played as Taylor

Matt Mercurio played as Asher

Roby Attal played as Gavin

Tony Todd played as The Barker

Michael Tourek played as The Security Guard

Stephen Conroy played as The Other

Courtney Dietz played as Britney

Reign Edwards played as Brooke

Hell Fest Scene

The Story Line

The movie has been initiated as the horror theme park that traveled across the state during the season of Halloween. The young girl from Cincinnati was shown to be split from her team during one of those mazes. There, she was faced by the masked figure called as “The Other”. She recognized “The Other” to be the guy who had been chasing her and her crowd of friends the whole night. “The Other” attacked the girl, stabbed her in the mouth or gut just before hanging her. This young girl’s body appeared to merge in with some other prop up bodies, since “The Other” left the scene.

Natalie has shown to be coming in her previous apartment where Brooke, her best friend, still resides. She greeted her old buddy, but was disappointed to discover that the previous classmate, Taylor, whom Natalie doesn’t get along, is now living with her. Although the Natalie’s visit has been planned earlier, Brooke is revealed to have been unsure that Natalie could actually come since she had been remote of late because of work and school. As such, Taylor and Brooke organize the visit to the Hell Fest with the Quinn, Brooke’s boyfriend, Asher, Taylor’s boyfriend, and Gavin, their respective friend, whom is fascinated with Natalie.

The team meets at the Hell Fest wherein Gavin hands every one of the VIP wrist bands and so they can hop on the lines. In similar time, “The Other” arrived wearing steel-toed and worn-out boots. The Other noticed a girl called as Britney insulted a worker in the amusement park. Right after Britney walked into The Other, dismissed him as not scary, he targeted her, thieving the knife from the worker that is making snow cones. This team arrived at the haunted maze wherein Natalie, Taylor and Brooke get divided from their group. When the girls are just about to finish the maze, they watched as Britney appeared, disheveled and are in fear, informing them that a guy is after her. It has been assumed that it is a portion of the park encounter as The Other arrived in hunt of Britney.

Hell Fest 2018 Scene

The Writers View

The amusement park subject horrors have numerous potential. They do not happen that frequently, but they may be of so much fun. Overall, it is not the best thing ever, but this has the fun flick. It showed off the horror topic park very well and had sufficient action to have it afloat for one hour and a half. The movie is about the crowd of friends who take VIP tickets to the traveling amusement park called as the Hell Fest.

The theme park has horror levels of madness wherein the scares progresses if the visitors dares to be in there. Unknown to the crowd a deranged veiled killer sneaks in the park and begins stalking the team namely the lead personality, Natalie. It is very hard for the team to decode what is true and what is not as all things in the park has been filled with attacks and scares.

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