Hellions 2015

It is a Canadian horror movie that was written by Mr. Pascal Trottier and under the direction of Bruce McDonald with the lead star Chloe Rose. This movie was the official selection for the Sundance Film Festival 2015 lineup and also being screened at the Toronto International Movie Festival in 2015.

Cast Lists

Chloe Rose appeared as Dora Vogel                         Rossif Sutherland appeared as Dr. Henry

Rachel Wilson appeared as Kate Vogel                    Luke Bilyk appeared as Jace

Peter DaCunha appeared as Remi Vogel                 Robert Patrick appeared as Mike Corman


Dora played by Chloe Rose is the average, normal teenager who just wanted to have some fun and be high with her lover, Jace, played by Luke Bilyk, during the day of the Halloween. She has been stunned when the doctor, Henry, played by Rossif Sutherland, told her that she has been in her 4 weeks of pregnancy, something that she said is not being possible. Distressed, Dora went home just to wait for her boyfriend to pick her for the Halloween party, whilst her mother, played by Rachel Wilson took Remi, played by Peter DaCunha, her younger brother to trick or treat. But before the boyfriend can take her, Dora has been visited by some of the kids in their strange costumes.

The presence of the kids was ever more scared culminating with one of the kids carried the severed skull of Jace in a bag. Dora should fight with these monstrous kids, who wanted her unborn baby, the feat that made even harder by the truth that her pregnancy has been in progress in an unnatural and very fast pace.

Writer’s Notion

Initially, if you are not a fan of something artsy movies or weird films, then, you are sure to not like this one. This is not the typical horror movie just like the type that had been commonly released to watch, although I can honestly wish that it would have been released that type. The cinematography of the movie is well done for a movie with a low budget. The musical score had been the latest horror theme classic and the acting was decent of its genre. Its monsters are totally creepy, and there is not really a coherent plan past the 15 minutes mark, however, it is not supposed to be the award winner for the best screenplay. This is an art, horror movie for most of the film. Sure, many will just name it as pretentious. But it is honestly one of those great surrealist horror movies in for such a long time. The plot may be a little bit dumb, but its visuals and entire movie vibe have cult classic that is written all through it, although most of the exclusive effects are silly. I am sure most are expecting an evil and simple good vs the evil straight forward type of horror film. This movie can compare to movies like the “Eraserhead, and the Paper House”. It seemed to partly be stimulated by David Lynch and there are also moments that have the slight vibe of Silent Hill.

This movie is best to watch so I do not want to become one of those spoilers, but all I can say is that, if you not seen yet the trailer, then, do not watch the trailer at all. Just be informed that this is a strange and surreal horror movie that you can really appreciate if you watch it.

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