Hereditary, 2018

The film is an American supernatural drama and a movie directed and written by Ari Aster, with his feature movie directorial debut. Gabriel Byrne is the family haunted by the oddly presence after the demise of their mysterious grandmother. When their matriarch of their Graham family’s demise, her grandchildren and daughter starts to unravel cryptic with increasingly horrifying secrets about their descent, trying to outrun a sinister fate they had inherited.

Cast Lists

  • Toni Collette appeared as the miniatures artist, Annie Graham
  • Gabriel Byrne appeared as the psychiatrist and the husband of Annie, Steve Graham
  • Alex Wolff appeared as the 16 years old son, Peter Graham
  • Milly Shapiro appeared as Steve and Annie’s 13 years old daughter, Charlie Graham
  • Ann Dowd appeared as the support team member who befriended with Annie Joan
  • Mallory Bechtel appeared as Peter’s schoolmate and the love interest Bridget
  • Ari Aster had the uncredited voice cameo appeared as Annie’s boss, that calls to give support right after the disaster she had been encountering
  • Kathleen Chalfant creates an uncredited façade as Annie’s mother, Ellen Taper Leigh. Aster referred to her as “a sweet person on earth”.


The miniaturist Annie Graham dwells in Utah with the husband Steve, Peter, the 16 years old son, and their unusual and reserved daughter, the 13-year-old Charlie. At in the funeral of a mysterious mother, Ellen Leigh, then Annie delivered the eulogy clearing up their fraught connection and her mother’s very private life. After weeks later, Steve was informed that the grave of Ellen had been desecrated, and then Annie thought she saw Ellen’s apparition in her workshop. In the support group for a bereaved, Annie revealed that the other members of the clan suffered from insanity that resulted in the demise and Ellen was the most significant figure in lifting Charlie, as she didn’t permit her near Peter during his birth.

To attend the party, Peter lied that he is being in the school event, and then Annie forced him to get Charlie with him. Not being supervised, Charlie ate the cake containing nuts, then, suffers anaphylactic shock. When Peter drove her to the hospital, she discovers the window for the air; when he veers-off to avoid the deceased deer, she was decapitated by the telephone pole. Still shock, Peter drove home and left Charlie’s headless corpse inside an auto. The family grieves upon following Charlie’s funeral, considerable heightening tensions in between Peter and Annie causing Annie to act coldly towards Steve. Then Peter is being plagued by the presence of Charlie around the house.

Then Annie is befriended through the support-team member, Joan. Annie told her she was sleepwalking and recounted the incident wherein she awakens in Peter’s bedroom in locating herself, Charlie and Peter covered with paint thinner with the lit match within her hand. Joan taught Annie to perform the séance in communicating with Charlie. Annie convinced her family in attempting the séance. Objects start to move and smashed, terrifying Peter, and then Charlie seemingly possessed Annie when Steve soaks her with water. Then Annie suspected that the spirit of Charlie had become malevolent. She tosses Charlie’s sketchbook to the fireplace, but then her sleeves are also starting to burn. She retrieved it and heads going to the apartment of Joan for some advices, but Joan was not there. Annie noticed that Joan’s welcoming mat resembled her mother’s craftwork.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is considered as one of the greatest horror movies ever! Collette gives her acting of a lifetime where she can possibly be at the peak of her career. And just when you thought you are aware of what is going on, this movie flips. This is amazingly written and with such a thrilling ride. Not for a faint of heart. You can see the movie for as many times as you can, but still have the similar chill every time. Definitely the movie is a recommended one for the horror fans!

This in the greatest way possible and a spectrum of feelings you went through range from the sheer terror to the total sorrow and hopelessness. The film picks at a human psyche in every right way. This is mutually hard to watch, plus impossible to look and walk away. Hands down for this is surely one of the best horror movies in general and the best horror film of all time.

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