Honeymoon, 2014

The movie is an American science horror fiction film under director Leigh Janiak as the feature movie directorial debut. The film is about the newly married couple where their honeymoon ended up being ruined with the series of strange happenings.

The Cast Lists

Rose Leslie played as Bea                                             

Harry Treadaway played as Paul

Hanna Brown played as Annie                                   

Ben Huber played as Will

The Story Line

Paul and Bea are the newly married couple and are off to have their romantic honeymoon in the rustic cabin set in the secluded jungle in Canada. The movie they have created to mark their union includes the tale of their first meet up, how he planned, and ended with Bea stating “Before I was just me, but now I am not.”

During the stay, they went to the small bistro where the owner, Will, initially acts aggressive and asked them to leave; however, he later calms down, and realized that he was the childhood friend of Bea. The wife of Will comes in, acting oddly and stating that they needed to get away. After that, everything goes well until the wedded bliss has been cut off when Bea had goes out missing. Paul discovered her disoriented and naked in the forest, having no proof as to how Bea got in there or why Bea has been there. Paul takes Bea back to their cabin, where Bea claims she has been sleepwalking because of stress, and told him to create nothing of it.

Then, as time passed by Bea’s behavior turned to be increasingly strange and distant. At first, Paul blamed Bea’s strange behavior with their some stumble upon with Will, but he realizes soon there is more going on. Then, one night as he was lying awake, he saw some bright lights in the windows, but during the times that went out to investigate he discovered nothing. As Paul saw his wife’s behavior, turning into a more erratic, he discovered unique marks on the inner thighs of Bea which had passed off as a mosquito bite.

The Writers View

Honeymoon can rapidly be assumed as one scary movie simply because it involved some paranormal instances, but the core of the tale is studying about how long the couple could hold together in each other no matter what happened. How the characters are fleshing out their connection and the abrupt trouble of the connection immediately triumphs the entire movie, until it still attempted to do something crazier at the end for its genreā€™s sake. It sadly does not live in what has been set up, rather it turned things underwhelming, however, Honeymoon is still one pretty smart psychological thriller that which has been a lot appealing to watch than the normal horror film.

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