Horror Movies with Christmas in their Titles from year 2001-2018

A Night Before Christmas, 2018

During Christmas Eve, the guy plagued with the childhood trauma went on the sadistic killing spree clothe in the suit of Santa Claus.

Dead by Christmas, 2018

Reunited for the festivities, the group of friends moved up all together in the troubled Louisiana orphanage was stalked through the killer from the Christmas Past.

Murdery Christmas, 2018

In this typical home invasion horror the babysitter had to protect the child and take them out just before it will be too late.

Before Christmas, 2017

The team of friends wants to make the short movie; however, it ends with something that is unexpected.

Christmas Blood, 2017

The murderer targets a resident of the small village each Christmas Eve.

Killer Christmas (I), 2017

This is a type of slow-burn suspense for Christmas horror where 6 friends explore the abandoned hotel close by the Christmas tree lot and just to locate themselves being killed one-by-one of someone in the Santa mask.

Mercy Christmas, 2017

Michael Briskett meets an ideal woman, and his perfect Christmas dream became a reality if she invites him with the holiday celebration of the family. But, Michael’s dream shatters if he realized that he’ll be the Christmas feast.

Once Upon a Time at Christmas, 2017

Meet Santa and also Mrs Claus. He is an eyed friend and she is a bat-swinging, curvy blonde. The serial-murderer couple is terrorizing the feast in the upstate New York City with the sequences of horrific homicides.

A Mr. Shelton Christmas Special, 2016

John is a Vlogger and a Blogger, his short movies are made to entertain, but this year, he’d been very bad. Will he locate his Christmas chi or Christmas Demon of this exclusive special Seasonal Horror movie or will he learn the actual lesson for him?

A Christmas Horror Story, 2015

Not even Santa is safe from a devil that descends on the Bailey Downs, the small city that is abruptly plagued with the zombie elves, Krampus – an anti-Santa Claus and the malevolent spirits.

Dismembering Christmas, 2015

During their stay inside the vacation house on the lake, 7 high-school learners are being attacked by the madman.

Krampus: The Christmas Devil, 2014

The local police official, Jeremy leads the life of one confusing past, spending most of his time looking for his kidnapper being a child. Right after the other kids starts to get overlooked, Jeremy pieces altogether what are the truth and then realized that his childhood abductor could be the creature of the prehistoric Yuletide lore, Krampus, and known as the sibling of St. Nick, the punisher of kids who performed acts of awful evil without repercussion.

Christmas Cruelty! 2013

This is a Norwegian horror movie of director and writer Magne Steinsvoll and also Per-Ingvar Tomren with the co-writers Eline Aasheim, Janne Iren Holseter and Anita Nyhagen.

Merry F@#$ing Christmas, 2012

The 4 different tales of terrifying all centered about the celebration of Christmas.

A Cadaver Christmas, 2011

When the dark force captured the morgue, the ragtag band of the heroes had to save the people from the increasing army of the walking dead.

One Hell of a Christmas, 2002

The ex-con locates that his plans in going straight are being curtailed by the fellow criminal and also with some demons.

Christmas Nightmare, 2001

Right after witnessing the killing of the presidential candidate, the teen couple has been taken to the secured house by the bodyguard, whose personality starts changing. He was possessed by a spirit of the madman who killed his family there 50 years ago.

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