Horror movies with Halloween in their title (2016-2019)

The best moments of the year are almost here, but before we jump into that, let us enjoy the first spirit of Halloween that has long inspired these movies with Halloween in their title to remind us of Hallow’s Eve or Halloween.

Here they are:

Boo! A Madea Halloween, 2016

Trying to succeed with the friend’s approval, the 17-year-old teen, Tiffany sneaks out of their house to be at the Halloween bash of a fraternity. Their fun soon ended with police when the fast- talking, cranky, Madea arrive to crash in the party. Not happy with the sudden twist of events, the bitter collegians decided to scare Madea together with the cronies with the series of pranks. Soon, she finds herself being attacked and during the run from the assortment of ghouls, zombies and ghosts on the scariest evening of the year.

The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie, 2016

The zombie marriage party had been locked inside the Halloween Store during the night of Halloween and their faces the anger of the coming back of the possessed, legendary cowboy, Old Jeremiah, who means that he will make sure that there’s nobody to get out alive.

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, 2017

Tiffany traveled to Derrick Lake so she can celebrate the 18th birthday in the Halloween frat party that is at the hub of the forests. Worried and frantic, Aunt Bam, Hattie and Madea hop in the vehicle to rescue her from the similar terrible fate that the group of teens befell there years earlier. Confusion soon strikes during those would-be heroes locate themselves battling for their own lives against the array of the spooky monsters, boogeymen and goblins.

Halloween Pussy Trap, Kill! Kill! 2017

The members of this all-girl punk band of rock “Kill, Pussy, Kill!” should fight for their existence and attempt to outsmart the unknown assailant after they have located themselves being trapped in the maze of the madman.

A Meowy Halloween, 2018

During that time that their home has been haunted by the dream spirit, it is up to the Whiskers to find out what has been haunting them and just how they can send the ghost into the other side. She is going to use a ghost hunting, this Nekkomeownicon, and the credit card of Wally to have the job done.

Halloween Horror Tales, 2018

This is an anthology of the four horror tales.

Samhain: A Halloween Horror Movie, 2018

The lead, Camille is leading to the west coast to begin her new life. She had her last evening in town and Camille will be housed-sitting to have some extra cash. The question is that, will it be her final night in Telford either/or her last evening on earth?

The Legend of Halloween Jack, 2018

During the Halloween evening, the serial murderer returned from the dead, so he can have revenge on those vigilantes that put him to his death about a year earlier.

Halloween Hell Night, 2018

This is the latest horror anthology movie that features demons, clowns, killers, and psychos. The witching moment is approaching, so lock your doors now!

Halloween, 2018

It has been 40 years, ever since Laurie Strode endured the vicious attack from the crazy murderer Michael Myers during Halloween night. Being locked up in the institution Myers handles to escape when the bus transferring goes horribly wrong. Strode, now faces the horrifying showdown when a masked madman goes back to Haddonfield, Ill. This time, she is ready for him.

Halloween at Aunt Ethel’s, 2019

Everybody in town is informed of the story of the Old Aunt Ethel. It is believed that she makes Halloween pumpkin pies and candies out of the children that have trick-or-treat in her house. But this Halloween, the teens in her neighborhood are going to discover the truth.

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