The Deep House, 2021

The film is a French supernatural horror movie that is directed and written by Julien Maury with Alexandre Bustillo. The movie stars Camille Rowe and James Jagger. Epix and Blumhouse Productions acquired the movie for the North American distribution.

Cast Lists

James Jagger performed at Ben                                 Carolina Massey performed as Sarah Montégnac

Camille Rowe performed as Tina                               Anne Claessens performed as Madame Montégnac

Alexis Servaes performed as Mister Montégnac    Éric Savin performed as Pierre Montégnac



Tina and Ben are a newly engaged New York air and passionate YouTube contributor who is taking a trip in Europe and looking out reputedly haunted house to live-record with their experiences. Then, one day, they went to the south-west of France to look for a sanatorium sink in one artificial lake, just to discover a crowded vacation space. The local, Pierre, offered to take them into the isolated branch of this lake in the Chanteloup forest, the area that has been artificially submerged in the year 1984 to evade from frequency recurring of devastating floods. The place he leads them to contain the mansion that he claimed has remained ideally preserved.

Upon arrival at the place, Tina and Ben plunge, locating the house in just a short while, and with the contents oddly well-preserved. But, creepy things start to happen right after they enter the house; they start hearing odd noises and voices, the motion tracker of their drone is indicating movement while there’s nothing to really trigger it, and the electronic equipment strangely starts malfunctioning. Additionally, in some of their space they find numerous pictures, news articles and posters that shows missing kids and also the satanic symbols and the score of violent scratched at the frontal door post. In a kitchen, they discovered the door blocked by the big cross, and then opening it, they come in a room enclosing the two corpses in the chain and tortured masks suspended over the satanic pentagram, and the side area packed filled with pickled body parts of human. Tina and Ben tried to flee their house, but a window they entered by being suddenly barren off by the brick wall, and the frantic search for some other way out in vain.


While attempting to unlock the grate in a cellar with the other two bodies, Tina was abruptly attacked. The assault ceased abruptly, but oddly, Ben denied that anything not usual has happened. The curious, Ben takes out the mask from the dead bodies, telling them as Montégnacs, the family that owned the house. These two corpses abruptly came to life and pursue them all through the abode. As they attempt on escaping from the chimney, the shaft fell down, trapping them with diverse floors. In the upstairs bedroom, Ben discovers the family tree presenting Pierre, revealing him to be the son of Montégnacs’ and indicate that he attracts them to a house on purpose, just before he is being attacked by the alive girl, Sarah, the Montégnacs’ daughter and crazed by her. Then Tina locates him, he guides her to the hidden sitting area in the basement wherein Sarah, through Ben with the gruesome film reel, revealed that Pierre and Mr. Montégnac abducted kids from the surrounding places to utilize as satanic sacrifices. Sarag and the Montégnacs were finally murdered by the avenging mob, however, Pierre handled to escape.

Writer’s Notion


There showed up some of the really entangling, spooky, nightmares and suffocating terrifying movies that may carved out the cut in the totempeel of the highlights of the movie, and although the discovered footage kind, this one will hit me the viewer as the silky glow just with the understatement.

The movie is made in Europe with the English language as the major language, but dives in the depths of the artificial lake of the freaking France. The pair loves to hunt for some old desolated homes to explore for excitement, but things do not appear as the couple wants it to be. First, they transmit the drone for that safety check, and then you can have a look it for yourself. The movie is a typical short horror story, with short playtime, but this is a marvelous assembly with a very special effect.

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