Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, 1989

The film is an American slasher movie co-wrote and under the direction of Dominique Othenin-Girard. This is the fifth installment of the Halloween series.

Cast Lists

Donald Pleasence performed to be Dr. Sam Loomis

Don Shanks performed as The Man in Black / Michael Myers

Max Robinson performed to be Dr. Max Hart Beau Starr performed as the Sheriff Ben Meeker

David Ursin performed as the Deputy Tom Farrah Matthew Walker performed as Spitz

Ellie Cornell performed as Rachel Carruthers Jonathan Chapin performed as Mike

Betty Carvalho performed as Nurse Patsey Frank Como performed as the Deputy Nick Ross

Troy Evans performed as the Deputy Charlie Bloch Tamara Glynn performed as Samantha Thomas

Danielle Harris performed as Jamie Lloyd Wendy Kaplan performed as Tina Williams

Jeffrey Landman performed as Billy Hill



At 1988 on October 31st, Michael Myers was shot and fell down at the salt mine shaft. The Sheriff Ben Meeker, a lynch mob of the Haddonfield’s truckers, and the state police tossed down dynamite to end him off. Avoiding through the nearby creek before their dynamite will explode; Michael stumbled upon the old hermit who nursed him back to good health after he fell into coma. After one year, on 1989 on the same day, Michael awakens, stabbed this hermit to death by his knife, and returned to Haddonfield to locate for Jamie Lloyd again, his niece, who narrowly evades being killed by Myers a year before.

Jamie had been admitted to a Haddonfield Children’s Clinic right after having attacked by her foster mother. Then, Jamie was rendered mute because of psychological trauma, enduring seizures, nightmares and exhibiting signs of telepathic link together with her uncle. Then, Dr. Sam Loomis became aware of her Jamie’s psychic connection to Michael, and tried convincing Meeker that Myers is still alive. In the meantime, Michael stabbed Rachel, Jamie’s foster sister, to death and starts stalking Tina, their friend. Myers killed Tina’s boyfriend Mike, and poses as him through wearing the mask that Tina once give to Mike.

Later that evening, Tina with Sam and Spitz, their friends, go to the Halloween party at the farm. Sensing some danger for Tina, Jamie (having partly regained her capacity to talk) goes to warn them. While Spitz and Sam were having sex in the barn, Myers impaled Spitz with the pitchfork and decapitated Sam with the scythe. Tina locates the bodies, and went to warn the nearby police deputies and just to find that Myers already killed them. Then Tina flees, but then Jamie and Billy Hill her friend arrives. Michael starts chasing Jamie in the auto but crashed into a tree. Myers exits the auto, and Tina sacrificed herself to allow Billy and Jamie to escape. Loomis arrived, and Jamie agrees finally to assist him to stop Myers for good.

Writer’s Notion

Right after the victory of the past, the HALLOWEEN 4, it had been predictable that their studio would go on again with one more sequel. The best thing about this is that its pick-up exactly the story where the last movie had left you, giving the explanation for the reality, but the first half of the story was obviously not a HALLOWEEN 4.

Unfortunately, there had been no likable members among those youthful cast in the story. It was as if all of them were scripted that deserve their fate. With no good plot structure, plus the much repetition of the story, this one starts to sink before its midway point. Every fright sequence is done competently enough; however, just do not have the similar creepiness and tension of the best ones.

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