Hospital Massacre, 1982

The film is an American slasher movie is director Boaz Davidson and its plot follows the woman who became trapped on the empty floor of the hospice, where the killer posing as the surgeon attempted to kill her.

Cast Lists

  • Barbi Benton appeared as Susan Jeremy
  • Judith Baldwin appeared as the Desk Nurse
  • Lanny Duncan appeared as Hal  
  • Michael Frost appeared as Ned 
  • Beverly Hart appeared as Suzy
  • Billy Jayne appeared as the young Harold Rusk
  • Charles Lucia appeared as Harold Rusk  
  • Jonathon Moore as Mrs. Burglary
  • Den Surles appeared as Dr. Beam
  • Jimmy Stathis appeared as Tom Jeremy
  • Elly Wold appeared as Mrs. Fedrow
  • Michael Romano appeared as David
  • Marian Beeler appeared as Mrs. Edelman
  • Gay Austin appeared as Dr. A. Jacobs
  • Bill Errigo appeared as the Janitor
  • Don Grenough appeared as The Doctor
  • Elizabeth Hoy appeared as the young Susan Jeremy
  • Jon Van Ness appeared as Jack
  • Ann Charlotte Lindgren appeared as Nancy Johnson
  • Jean Morrison appeared to be Nurse Dora Anders
  • Karen Smith appeared to be nurse Kitty Crandle
  • Tammy Simpson appeared as Eva Jeremy
  • John Warner Williams appeared as Dr. Dan Saxon


In year 1961, the unpopular boy known as Harold leaves the Valentine’s Day card in their house of the beautiful Susan Jeremy. Susan with her friend David teased and crumpled up a card, prompting the enraged Harold in breaking into the house, then kill David through hanging him from the hatstand.

After 19 years, Susan was divorced, had the daughter and the new boyfriend known as Jack. During Valentine’s Day, Susan had Jack take her into the hospital to take up the outcomes of the standard physical exam that the new health insurance plans had requested. While on their way to the building, she was observed from the window by the guy in surgical garb. The guy strokes the photograph of the younger Susan, and then sabotage the elevator Susan boarded in order to setback her while he murders the doctor who had her paperwork that the killer tampers with. The janitor locates the body of the doctor and had his face dunked in the sink packed with acid by the murderer.

While searching for a doctor, Susan forces the friendly intern known as Harry into getting the outcomes that Harry notices are not normal, prompting him to take them and also Susan to Dr. Saxon. The peculiarities of the paperwork of Susan caused Beam and Doctors Saxon to order that she’d be detained for some observation. Harry uncovered some evidence suggesting that anyone is pulling the “con job” over Susan, but he disappeared after promising Susan that he will straighten some things out. Jack, had fallen asleep while inside the car while he was waiting for Susan, entered the hospital to search for her, and had been lured to the empty hospital area by the murderer, who beckons him. At the back of the curtain, Jack locates the dead body of a nurse before the murderer decapitates him with the electric orthopedic saw.

Writer’s Notion

Allow me to say that this movie is not really that bad, but what does not really work is a hilarious implausibility of an “instance” that Susan locates her in. The moment that the killer is aware that she was inside the hospital, he planted some bogus test results in her record, and from this and onwards all of the other hospital employees treat Susan like one mentally disturbed powder keg or dangerous one who should be detained at any costs.

Now the movie makes quite good utilization of the location of the hospital for some good killers, but this supposed to be inescapability that some will not swallow. All I can say is that, save your breath up to the scene wherein the fleeing Susan burst in the place packed of patients in grip, who all springs to life and then writhe their tethered, bandage the corpse around like it is the scene from some type of purgatory. I really do not know, but there is really no cause at all for the shot, expect to place something weird to look at to the running time.

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