Host, 2020

The film is a British discovered footage horror movie by Rob Savage as the director and this is from the script he also wrote together with Jed Shepherd and Gemma Hurley.

Cast Lists

  • Haley Bishop appeared as Haley
  • Jack Brydon appeared as Legs    
  • Alan Emrys appeared as Alan
  • Edward Linard appeared as Teddy
  • Jemma Moore appeared as Jemma
  • Caroline Ward appeared as Caroline
  • Seylan Baxter appeared as Seylan
  • Radina Drandova appeared as Radina
  • Emma Louise Webb appeared as Emma
  • Jinny Lofthouse appeared as Jinny
  • James Swanton appeared as The Spirit
  • Patrick Ward appeared as Caroline’s Dad


While they are under quarantine because of the pandemic of COVID-19, the group of buddies had chose to have their weekly Zoom calls so they can keep in touch. For the week’s call Haley had hired Seylan, the medium, to guide them in the séance. Teddy, a friend, intentionally left the chat because Jinny, his girlfriend, keeps interrupting. During their séance, Jemma, also a member claimed to have made connection with Jack, their friend that committed suicide, but it was later admitted that this was all fake right after Seylan dropped-out of a call. The remaining friends started to experience terrifying, odd phenomena; Haley’s chair was pulled by the unseen force, Emma’s glass breaks, and Caroline saw a hanging dead body in her attic.

Haley handles to go back and connect with Seylan and informed her of all the things that had happened. Seylan believed that the prank of Jemma could have summoned the demonic spirit, which had taken on a guise of ‘Jack’, starts to give them guidelines about how to close a séance. The spirit interrupted this through causing more phenomena, then Seylan’s call drop-out once more. This spirit killed Caroline, through repeatedly smashing the face into the desk, and Radina and Alan, her boyfriend, through dropping the two from the great height. Jemma and Haley argued, passing the blame to each other, and only for Haley be pulled out of the screen. Frightened, Jemma rapidly left her house to check Haley in person. Then Teddy returns the call, only the spirit to beat him and killed Jinny, through breaking the neck. Teddy is knocked unconscious and then burned alive. Emma was killed next, right after being thrown off her balcony onto the backyard table. The whereabouts of Caroline’s father’s are still not known at this point.

Then Jemma makes it into Haley’s home, however, was attacked by a spirit while some other supernatural phenomena take place around her. She handles to locate Haley hiding under a desk, and this pair attempts to escape the home by using a flash of the Polaroid camera of Haley to light a way, only for a demonic spirit to assault the two as the Zoom calls timer expires.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is unfortunately a bit dull until its last 20 minutes. The things kick to gear with the particularly well-executed, jump scare, and escalated accordingly.

The deserves that round of applause because they tried, recycled and passed the concept to something very good while subsequent with the quarantine protocol. Yes, there had been some convenience that the script takes. The plot is just simple with 6 friends hold the seance on the zoom call, where everything went to the sheet. Every character of the movie is a cliché horror character, but in an hour you are not going to totally care or root with any except to become scared for them. It is incredibly well acted in the horror movie and that is really everything that matters in making you believe in the plot. The movie is a must watch film this quarantine when you are into the horror genre.

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