House of Fears, 2007

The film is an American horror movie of director Ryan Little and its DVD released in the US was distributed through Your Indie Films.

Cast Lists

Corri English appeared as Samantha                        Alice Greczyn appeared as Candice

Sandra McCoy appeared as Hailey                             Michael J. Pagan appeared as Devon

Corey Sevier appeared as Carter                                Eliot Benjamin appeared as Zane

Kelvin Clayton appeared as Hamadi                          Jared Padalecki (Cameo)


The movie opens with the woman and a man arriving at the digging spot somewhere in Africa. This man entered the close by the cave, and locates all the workers that had been brutally murdered, whilst the woman discovered the monkey statue. When the pair flew to the scene, the lady took the figurine with her. While in Salem, Oregon, Hamadi, the security guard, arrived in ‘The House of Fear’ with the guard dog. Going inside the haunted home, Hamadi locates the box that has the monkey statue, and he knew something was wrong, but has been attacked by the dog before he left.

In the meantime, Samantha had recently transferred in with Hailey, her step-sister, after her mother had remarried again. While Hailey has been sneaking out to go to the party, she was caught and made in taking Samantha, much to Hailey’s displeasure, since they are not getting so good. While they are at the party, the buddies Carter, Zane, Devon, Candice and Hailey decided to sneak in ‘House of Fears’ so they can get the sneak peek, just before the commencement of the following evening, Samantha has been brought along as well.

When the crowds get-in the haunted home, Zane permits them in and turned on the power, taking back the house power to life. He attempted to contact Hamadi, the co-worker on the radio however, they was not able to reach him. Candice and Devon locate the monkey statue, and they are told to set it down inside a box by Zane. When Zane heads the team by the house, the angry Hailey picks Samantha, while Zane attempted to get Candice in breaking up with Devon. When they all start to have some fun, Hailey apologized to Samantha for being a bully on her, telling her that she is still mad to her dad for marrying again. Zane realized that he cannot be able to split up with Candice and Devon, so switch of plans and asked Carter to swap the dates with him. Then Carter agreed on, disappointing Hailey since she likes Carter. Zane revealed to the others about his fear of sharp knives, Candice is afraid of suffocation and Hailey being the claustrophobic.

Writer’s Notion

What makes this movie more interesting is its cinematography and the creativeness of the killings, with-it he entire mansion as the whole. This was very coolly shot, some are good temperatures in conveying the diff rooms and the moods, fears, etc. The ending though, was not fortunately predictable much, just like the characters. Although for some other reasons, you can still be engaged in his movie with a low budget that has still been finished. There is an acting that needs to be tightened, there are some that are performing well and giving their best, there are some that are relatively funny, and there are good looking actors too. The movie did not tried to go beyond a horror genre that we have been looking for during the past movies, but then again, if you will choose to watch this, you will end up liking this movie.

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