Hush (2016)


The film is a kind of horror thriller movie of director, editor, and writer Mike Flanagan with co-writer, Kate Siegel. Trevor Macy is the movie producer through the Intrepid Pictures, and Jason Blum is through the Blumhouse Productions banner. Critical reception for the movie was very positive, and the movie holds a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The Cast Lists:

John Gallagher Jr. played as Man

Emilia Graves played as Max

Kate Siegel played as Maddie

Samantha Sloyan played as Sarah

Michael Trucco played as John


The Story Line:

Maddie or Madison Young is a mute and a young deaf writer who lost her earshot after a period of having bacterial meningitis during age 13, and she stays in an isolated home in the woods. One day, her neighbor and friend Sarah visited her to give back the duplicate of her book, and that evening, was chased back to Madison’s house by a veiled Man. Sarah knocks on the door for an assistance, but Maddie cannot hear her, and that man wounds her to death.

The man rapidly understands that Maddie was unable to hear and settles to make her the other victim. He slips into the house, get her phone, and started taking pictures of her and transferring them all to her personal laptop to make her be aware of his being there. As Maddie understands that she was being stalked, she locked herself in the house. The guy cut off the power and damaged her car. Madison wrote by a lipstick that she will not tell anyone that the boyfriend comes home and didn’t see his face, on the paneled glass front door. The guy responded by taking removing his mask and telling that you saw me now! He then mocked her by propping-up Sarah’s body up towards the bedroom window. Madison attempted to divert him with the alarm from the car so she takes the phone Sarah’s body, but failed to do it.


She then tried several failed efforts to escape, finally climbing on the roof. The guy shoots off a crossbow lock in her leg, but she handles to knock him out the roof and took his crossbow. She swayed back in the house and attempts to fill the crossbow since John, Sarah’s boyfriend arrives, and looking for her. The guy meets John, imagining that he is a police official, but John understands the truck and tried to attack the guy with a rock from his behind. Before he can do it, Maddie shots her door to take his attention, distracting and enabling the guy to be stabbed in the neck.

The Writers’ View

The killer is a creepy, vulgar, sadistic, mysterious, smart and just a sheer douche that viewers are just waiting for him to crash dead at any moment. So him, and the other characters are evenly matched and making it hard to foresee what the outcome will be for each scene. Although, we are not really aware of his motives in trying to murder the ladies, but that is what makes the mysteriousness behind it that makes him unpredictable and all more intimidating, and will make you wait for what will come next.


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