I Am Mother, 2019

The movie is an Australian thriller, science fiction movie under the direction of Grant Sputore, from the screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green, and from the story of Michael Lloyd Green and Grant Sputore. The movie follows the Daughter, the girl in the post-apocalyptic bunker that has been raised by her Mother, the robot aiding the Earth’s repopulation.

Cast Lists

  • Clara Rugaard appeared as Daughter
  • Hilary Swank appeared as Woman
  • Luke Hawker appeared as Mother (performance)
  • Summer Lenton and Hazel Sandery appeared as Toddler
  • Rose Byrne appeared as Mother (voice)
  • Tahlia Sturzaker appeared as the Child
  • Jacob Nolan appeared as Brother
  • Maddie Lenton appeared as the Infant


After a destruction event, the automated bunker that was designed to repopulate our humanity activates. The robot called as Mother grows as a human embryo and then cares for her through some years. Mother says that she needs practice to become a good parent just before growing more. After 38 years, the teenage girl known as Daughter fixed Mother’s hand. Mother taught Daughter ethical and complex moral lessons, warning her regarding her upcoming exam. During the power outage, this Daughter captured the young rat, fixed the electrical malfunction that it caused. Then Mother powers up, and she incinerates a rat in the furnace over the Daughter‘s objections. Mother explained that surface contamination creates contact within the outside world that is possibly lethal.

Daughter became increasingly interested regarding what is there in the outside world. As explored the airlock of the bunker, Daughter heard the wounded lady begging for some help from the outside. Daughter opened the airlock, however, makes the woman’s place in the HAZMAT suit. Mother powered up and sprinted to them as Daughter veils the woman. Daughter told Mother, she had been curious about what is there in the outside humanity. Mother reiterated her warnings and after Daughter cleans-up, Mother insisted that Daughter must be prepared for the exam.

The moment that Mother left, Daughter confiscated the firearm from the belongings of the woman. Daughter became agitated when the lady removed the suit to drink the water she had brought. The lady said there isn’t contaminated. Upon realization, there is this robot at the bunker, the lady aggressively demanded Daughter to return the firearm. Afraid, Daughter calls out and Mother disarmed the lady after being shot. Then Daughter pleaded for the life of the woman. Mother agreed to assist the woman and took her to the hospice. When the lady refused Mother’s help, Mother locked her inside. Mother asked Daughter to gain this woman’s trust so that they can help the other survivors.

Writer’s Notion

This movie is one of the rare gems which keep you thinking well after it is all over to that instance it needed to be seen once more. The ratings have been way too low, which is understandable. Right at the final part, you are left thinking and unsatisfied because there were many plot issues. But man did the film left you thinking for more days, and then decided to watch it again – and then all suddenly all things fall into place.

The women from the outside actually nailed it! After you will decide to watch it or the second time, you can finally say that the movie is brilliant! For directors who are beginners, this movie was outstanding and it is much better than some seasonal Hollywood directors. The cinematography was also excellent and their sets were perfection. The score was well placed and absolutely perfect. The casting was also excellent and Hilary Swank really nailed her role here to confuse the viewers who to cheered for. The movie is suggested for watching and if you are left unsatisfied, then watch it again where you need to pay close attention into the details, and you will see the vividness of this highly underestimated film.

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