I Am Not a Serial Killer 2016

The movie is an Irish-British psychological thriller, horror movie by director Billy O’Brien from the 2009 novel of the same title by Dan Wells.

I Am Not a Serial Killer

The Cast Lists

Raymond Branstrom played as Max Bowen, the friend

Christina Baldwin played as Aunt Margaret

Laura Fraser played as April Cleaver, the mother

Dee Noah played as Kay Crowley, the wife

Karl Geary played being Dr. Grant Neblin, the therapist

Jim Gaulke played as Principal Layton

Christopher Lloyd played as Bill Crowley, the husband

Lucy Lawton played as Brooke, the classmate

Michael Paul Levin played as Roger Bowen, the father of Max

Tim Russell played as Greg Olson, a barber

Max Records played being John Wayne Cleaver, the sociopath son

The Story Line

John Wayne Cleaver is a teenager from the small Midwestern town, who had been suffering from homicidal impulses and diagnosed as having sociopath tendencies. These are worsened by working at April’s funeral home of his mother. He organizes his urges with mental stopgaps, rules, and talking to Grant, his therapist. Near the latest murder victim’s corpse, John saw a puddle of dark oil. After the identical murder, speak of the serial murderer piques John’s interest. During the trick or treat outside with buddy Max, John spotted a drifter lurking outer his buddy’s neighbor’s house, Bill Crowley. During the Halloween dance of their high-school batch, John scared off the bully by frightening of killing him.

After talking this with Grant, J. Wayne saw the drifter joined Crowley on the ice fishing trip, then, John followed them. As a drifter is roughly to attack Crowley, he suddenly killed the man just with bare hand that morphs to the branch-like form. Crowley slashed out his lungs and then replaces them with a man’s. John makes a serial killer profile, recording every victim had removed organs. While going after Crowley together with the wife, Kay, during their date night, comes from his mother while Grant is having dinner, offending John. John studied mystic folklore and fairytales, and the policeman connected the present killings to a person missing known as Emmett Openshaw.

Crowley was followed by John to the barber shop personally owned by Greg, the man that dances with Kay the earlier evening because Crowley had been limping. After witnessing Crowley attacking Greg, John rashly sets off a barbershop’s alarm, sketching two police officials who Crowley killed. Afterwards, Crowley doesn’t anymore limp and appeared to be rejuvenated. Just before leaving, Crowley casually answered the phone call coming from Kay. John saw a puddle of dark oil and then realizes that it was the old leg of Crowley, which he exchanged with Greg.

The Writers Viewpoint

As a moviegoer who has been let down by majority titles, this one became our choice. This movie-adaption of Dan Well’s book, that already gained quite a reputation, that is unknown to us. We didn’t bother to look who the cast lists are, or anything further.

Overall, I was surprised how entertaining the movie was. Its pacing was not rushed, nor too slow, but it’s adequate. It was quite simple to follow without convolution in its story and it didn’t feel forced. It was most impressive how the clever slice in humor being thrown out. The cinematography is enjoyable and the clever applications of the sound effects to hold you at the border of your seat. That is why, this movie gives a good rating by ours, because we really enjoyed it and I would not mind watching this movie again and again!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNjQoD_o6X8&w=560&h=315]

I Am Not a Serial Killer (Bluray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]

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