I See You, 2019

This is an American horror movie under the direction of Adam Randall with writer Devon Graye. The film follows the suburban family beset through the unexplainable events which can be connected to the recent vanishing of the young boy.

Cast Lists

  • Helen Hunt appeared as Jackie Harper                                   
  • Judah Lewis appeared as Connor Harper
  • Allison King appeared to be Officer Grace Caleb                 
  • Adam Kern appeared as Window Repairman
  • Jon Tenney appeared as Greg Harper                                     
  • Owen Teague appeared as Alec
  • Sam Trammell appeared as Todd                                              
  • Gregory Alan Williams appeared as Spitzky
  • Erika Alexander appeared as Lt. Moriah Davis                     
  • Libe Barer appeared as Mindy
  • Teri Clark appeared as Mrs. Braun                                           
  • Nicole Forester appeared as Mrs. Whitter
  • Jeremy Gladen appeared as Tommy Braun


Justin Whitter was just 10-year-old when he was abducted while traveling with his bicycle by the local playing ground. Greg Harper has been assigned as the head detective on this case. Proofs in the shape of the green pocket knife have been found connecting the case of the previous series of kidnaps which had an effect on the sentence of another guy many years prior. The Harpers’ family is exposed to be going by its personal troubles based on the affair of Jackie, his wife, who had been occupied. Connor, their son, is very resentful with regards to his mother due to that affair.

Strange events started plaguing the house; with Jackie’s most preferred coffee mug and all the silverware gone missing, and the window repairman has been let in by somebody inside the house when the family was still away. Todd, Jackie’s former lover, arrived at the house, injured, when the coffee mug of Jackie falls from their roof and then hits him over the head. Jackie covered him at the basement so that she can bring Connor to school. When looking around their basement, Todd has been hit over his head again by the unknown attacker and Jackie came home to locate him dead. She alarms and then assumes that Todd had been killed by Connor. She and Greg took the body to the wooded area and then bury the body, positive that they provide Connor with an alibi.

Connor has been shown the recording of the “phrogging”, the practice wherein the person hides in the house unbeknownst from its owners and move around freely when he is alone in that house, and is being attacked by a particular figure wearing a frog mask. Jackie and Greg locate Connor being tied up inside the bathtub with the green pocket knife close to him. Jackie drives Connor hurrying to the nearest hospital while Greg looked inside the house and has been attacked also with the ax by that same person in a frog-masked figure.

Writer’s Notion

If you like a movie that gives some of the greatest suspense and the one that has been doing pretty well their job, with misdirection together with most of the WTF head scratching instances, then this is the movie that you cannot go wrong. It is very well directed having that eerie feeling. It is just a thing to ponder why there are more suspense like this movie that do not use the sound power and musical scores, so it can create tension in their scene.

Anyways the movie is pleasantly surprising since lots of movies that had been released in the same year of this movie are really not that good. Just do not believe in the genre tag. The film is straight up one thriller and mystery film, and there is really no horror to watch here. The director should make more of this type of movies, since he gives everything in here.

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