I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

page 1This film was a remake of the 1978 classic film of the same title. The original film was one of the most buzzing film of the 70’s  and have earned a huge sales that place it in the box office list. Sadly, the remake failed to follow its predecessor’s success and ends up low on good feedback.

Sarah Butler takes the role of Jennifer Hills, the abused female writer, who just want to spend a nice retreat in her cabin and to concentrate on her work. Unfortunately, an ill-fated event changes this plan and made it a day of hell. She was violently abused, raped and almost put to death by five men of the village.

Sarah was beautiful enough to glamourize her role and her acting was enough to portray it well. The one thing that you can clearly see in this movie is that the scenes are not enough to intensify the role. It lacks the element of thrills and too many unbelievable scenes are included. The film made Sarah performance not too convincing and totally short of life and realism.

The other actors are no less great in their performance and they all make the film story very interesting. Still, the film is short in making a thrill that gives that new or memorable moment. The performance of the crew turns to be plain and normal.

The remake has made some change in the story. Instead of four abusive men, the new film has five baddies. A bad Sheriff and the mastermind of the crime has given the remake an added story to tell. The story was good and still a thing to believe.

Another weakness of the film is that it took so long for the element of thrill to come and when it comes it’s just too short. The middle scenes become boring and the excitement of the viewers is interrupted. When the vengeance acts comes the excitement is there but too few and short to stimulate the viewing pleasure of the audience.

The I Spit On Your Grave remake was a failure in its attempt to bring back the glory of the original film. The new version lacks the thrill and intensity to capture the compassion of the viewers. Even though many weak points can be seen in this movie, people can give it a try and watch it.


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