I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, 1998

The film is a slasher movie under the direction of Danny Cannon with the writer Trey Callaway. The movie is the second installment of this movie with the same title.

Cast Lists

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared as Julie James
  • John Hawkes appeared as Dave
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. appeared as Ray Bronson
  • Muse Watson appeared as The Fisherman/Ben Willis
  • Benjamin Brown appeared as the Dockhand/Darick
  • Bill Cobbs appeared as Estes      
  • Jennifer Esposito appeared as Nancy
  • Ellerine Harding appeared as Olga
  • Matthew Settle appeared as Will Benson
  • Mekhi Phifer appeared as Tyrell Martin
  • Brandy appeared as Karla Wilson
  • Jack Black appeared as Titus Telesco
  • Jeffrey Combs appeared as Mr. Brooks


A year after the brutal, the killers of her friends Barry Cox and Helen Shivers through the resentful fisherman, Ben, Julie James has been attending the summer classes in Boston. She suffered from nightmares and memories of the killers. Karla, Julie’s roommate, takes the phone call from the local radio station, then, won the vacation for 4 going to the Bahamas when a radio host asked “what’s Brazil’s capital?” and the girls reply “Rio de Janeiro” – although the fact the reply will be “Brasilia”. Julie invited Ray, her boyfriend, who declined, but then later changed his mind. That night, Ray with Dave, his co-worker drove going to Boston to shock Julie but then stop due to the corpse at the core of the lane.

When Ray discovered the corpse is a mannequin, then, Ben appeared and killed Dave using his hook. Then, Ben chases Ray in the truck, but then Ray escapes and fell down the hill.

The following morning, Karla, Tyrell, Karla’s boyfriend, Julie, and Will, their friend, departed for the trip. This group arrived at the Tower Bay hotel and checks in. During that night at the bar of the hotel, Julie was singing karaoke when these words “I Still Knew What You Just Did Last Summer” just rolled on the screen. Feeling terrified, she jogs back to the room. While at the pier, Darick, the dockhand was tying up a boat. He was attacked by a fisherman. Then later on Olga, their housekeeper has been working and locates the bloody sheets. Then, she was attacked. While when the others get in the warm tub, Julie was inside her room and noticed that the toothbrush is not there and then searches the room before located Darick is dead inside a closet. She locates the friends and they returned to find that there is no sign of the corpse of Darick and the manager in the hotel refused to believe the story. Beside the pool, there is Titus getting assaulted. In the mean time, Ray survived his heads out and injuries to rescue Julie.

In the following morning, the group finds Titus, Mr. Brooks and Olga murdered and the 2-way radio is the only way of their contact, has been destroyed. Isolated, the team goes to a room of Estes, a boat hand porter, which finds that he had been utilizing voodoo against them. Then Estes appeared, explaining that he was attempting to protect them right after realizing the answer to a radio station’s question had been incorrect. He told them Ben and Sarah, the wife had two kids: a daughter and a son. Ben killed Sarah when he discovered about the affair. Estes went on missing and then Will volunteered to locate him, while Ray took the boat to an island. Karla, Tyrell and Julie returned to the hotel, then find the bartender, Nancy, hiding in the kitchen.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is not just good as the primary one, but, it is one great movie, and it should no have been based from the sequel of the first one. Both movies are great and you will genuinely love this film, and will not believe it’s now more than 20 years past. I thought the predecessor was a really mighty fine film, but this one has been even better.

Its opening is really brilliant and it will take your attention and will set a tone for the other part of the movie. Its music is really fantastic, and there are some great tunes all throughout the movie. All the characters acted really well.

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