I’m Thinking of Ending Things, 2020

This film is an American psychological thriller movie directed and written by Charlie Kaufman. This movie is from the 2016 novel with similar title.

Cast Lists

  • Jesse Plemons appeared as Jake
  • Oliver Platt appeared as the voice
  • Jason Ralph appeared as Yvonne’s lover
  • David Thewlis appeared as the father
  • Guy Boyd appeared as the janitor
  • Jessie Buckley appeared as young lady
  • Toni Collette appeared as the mother
  • Colby Minifie appeared as Yvonne
  • Unity Phelan appeared as dancing young lady     
  • Abby Quinn appeared as Tulsey urban girl 3/ the student
  • Hadley Robinson appeared as Tulsey urban girl 1/Laurey
  • Frederick Wodin appeared as dancing janitor
  • Gus Birney appeared as Tulsey urban girl 2/Aunt Eller
  • Anthony Grasso appeared as diner manager
  • Teddy Coluca appeared as diner customer
  • Ryan Laughtner Steele appeared as dancing Jake


The young woman considered ending her 7-week relationship with Jake, her boyfriend, while taking a journey to meet the parents at the farm. During a drive, Jake attempted to recite the poem he read during his younger years and pressured the young lady into reciting a poem of her to pass time. Right after she rehearse the morbid poem regarding coming home, they appeared at the farmhouse personal owned by the parents of Jake. Jake took her to a barn, where he recounted the tale about how the pig farm died after being consumed alive by the maggots.

Throughout the drive, and also with the later sceneries in the movie, the major narrative is intercut together with the footage of one elderly janitor operating at the high school, with scenes where he saw the students rehearsing the Oklahoma and then dancing at the hallway. Upon coming in the house, a younger woman noticed the scratches on a basement door. During dinner time with the parents of Jake, the young lady, whose work and name altered throughout, showed them photographs of the landscape paintings and then explaining how Jake and she met at the trivia night in the bar, with narrative discrepancies.

Later, she noticed the photo of Jake when he was a child, but became confused after identifying that the kid as herself. She takes the call from the friend with the female name, where the mysterious man’s voice explained that there is “a question to answer”. Throughout the evening, the parents of Jake unexpectedly transformed into their older and younger selves. When she took the nightgown down to a basement to wash, then, she discovered some janitor uniforms in a washing machine and locates the posters for the exhibitions of paintings seemingly the same as her own. Then, she also takes one more call from the similar mysterious voice.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is not a simple one to get by and it is absolutely one to divide a viewer. The movie is being labeled as a thriller and also drama, which may be misleading because it is even more of one psychological horror. The movie delves into the mind of the sad janitor with the themes of loneliness, ageism and regrets.

If you are someone who is enjoying the slow pace movie and a deeper philosophical conversation, then this movie is fit for you to watch. I will not spoil anything about this movie. The initial half of the movie is just brilliant, while the last half is not that much. The meditation on the cruelty of a sad, “pathetic” person’s life, the meditation on memory with its destruction, on false hopes and lost chances, on the sheer unsightliness of the maggots which feed on an underbelly of the living that led wrong. An atmosphere was really thick that it could be sliced with the use of a knife. The sentiment of going inside the abandoned farmhouse during the blizzard that lacerated and saw every desperate ghosts and sadness of the pasts strolling down the empty corridors on the loop searching for something but locating for nothing.

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