in the tall grass

In the Tall Grass, 2019

This is a Canadian drama and supernatural horror movie that is directed and written by Vincenzo Natali. This is from the 2012 novella by Joe Hills and Stephen King of similar title.

Cast Lists

  • Harrison Gilbertson appeared as Travis McKean
  • Tiffany Helm appeared as the Gas Station Attendant
  • Laysla De Oliveira appeared as Becky DeMuth    
  • Arpit Thapliyal appeared as the Grass
  • Rachel Wilson appeared as Natalie Humboldt     
  • Patrick Wilson appeared as Ross Humboldt
  • Avery Whitted appeared as Cal DeMuth               
  • Davendu Das appeared as Keechad         
  • Will Buie Jr. appeared as Tobin Humboldt            
  • William Frater appeared as the Grass Man


The siblings Cal DeMuth and Becky, who is 6 months pregnant travelled to San Diego for Becky to stay with her aunt. Whereas stopped outside the old church, these pair heard the little boy named Tobin that is calling for some help from the nearby field of the tall grass. Then they later heard Natalie, the mother, calling and begging for him not to ask help from anyone. Concerned, these couple entered but rapidly gets separated and locates that their coldness from the other changes unnaturally. Gradually panicked, the pair settles on leaving, but is not able to find the road.

The night falls, and then Cal stumbles across the bruised and the dirty Tobin that holds the dead crow. Tobin claimed the grass will not move dead things, then, buried the bird inside the path. Becky encountered the father of Tobin, Ross, but they had been parted in the grass. Cal has been lead by Tobin to the ancient rock within the field and pushed him to feel it, but they had been interrupted by the scream of Becky as she is being attacked by the unseen figure.

In the meantime, Travis, Becky’s child’s father has arrived looking for Cal and for her. He finds the car being parked outside the prayer place and investigated the ground of grass, finally stumbling across Tobin, someone that implied that they are already familiar with each other, heads him to rotting the corpse of Becky. As Travis is in grief, he lost the sight of Tobin. Then the following morning, he took the necklace out from the pocket of the corpse. At that same time, the seemingly earlier form of Tobin arrived at the church with Ross and Natalie. Hearing Travis, who has been calling out now to Tobin, Freddy, their dog runs to the grass, then the family also runs after him, wherein Travis heard Tobin and search for him.

Writer’s Notion

So, by any means, this is not a type ground breaking piece from the cinema. And that being said, it is believed to be an enjoyable movie. Let’s face it, lots of unknown movies you can randomly scroll and find through Netflix normally are good for the snooze and then that’s it.

The movie will make you end up engrossed and you will watch it going all the way up to the very end and with the feeling of rather being involved in their story. There are lots of people that are still complaining about the characters having their bad decisions. Well, first it is a horror movie, and the people in it must make bad choices and decisions so that the horror will exist. Second, the ending of the movie is quite easily understood as long as you are waiting that fast for the main plot to feed you. The movie had the best atmosphere, solid acting, and an amusing and original plot.

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