Insidious: The Last Key, 2018

The film is an American supernatural horror movie by director Adam Robitel and with writer Leigh Whannell. The movie followed the parapsychologist Elise Rainier when she investigated the trouble in her childhood homeland.

The Cast Lists

Lin Shaye played as Elise Rainier                               

Angus Sampson played as Tucker

Leigh Whannell played as Specs                                               

Amanda Jaros played as Mara Jennings

Javier Botet played as KeyFace                                  

Joseph Bishara played as the Lipstick-Face Demon

Hana Hayes played as the Teenage Elise Rainier

Marcus Henderson played as Detective Whitfield

Ava Kolker played as the Young Elise Rainier        

Pierce Pope played as the Young Christian Rainier

Aleque Reid played as Anna                                        

Thomas Robie played as the Teenage Christian Rainier

Ayub Veno played as Imprisoned Spirit

Kirk Acevedo played as Ted Garza, the guy who makes dwelling in the old home of Elise.

Bruce Davison played as Christian Rainier, estranged younger brother of Elise.

Tessa Ferrer played as Audrey Rainier, Gerald’s wife and Christian and Elise’s mother.

Caitlin Gerard played as Imogen Rainier, Christian’s eldest daughter and Elise’s niece.

Spencer Locke played as Melissa Rainier, Christian’s youngest daughter and Elise’s niece.

Josh Stewart played as Gerald Rainier, Audrey’s husband and Christian and Elise’s and abusive father.

Additional characters are Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey, Rose Byrne, and Patrick Wilson.

The Story Line

In the year 1953, dwells in the Five Keys, in the New Mexico is Elise Rainier together with her parents, Gerald and Audrey with their little brother Christian. Christian and Elise encountered the ghost in the bed. Afraid, Christian looks for the whistle their mother handed him to look for help, but can’t find it. Gerald, upset, beats Elise and locked her in the basement. In there, Elise opened the mysterious red doorway, then, is briefly obsessed by the demonic spirit. The moment Audrey came to examine, she has been killed by a demon.

After decades in 2010 in California, Elise worked as one paranormal investigator together with her colleagues Tucker and Specs. The guy known as Ted Garza calls, and says he has encountered paranormal activity in his house. Understanding that it is her childhood home, then, Elise departed to assist him. While examining the house, Elise discovered Christian’s lost whistle, however, it disappeared again after she meets the female spirit. Elise told Tucker and Specs that she had witnessed the spirit before during her teenage year. After, Elise runs away the house due to fear of one more beating coming from her father, discarding Christianity.

The following morning, Elise, Specs and Tucker meet Imogen and Melissa, Christian’s daughters. Christian has been furious at Elise because of abandoning him. Hopeful to repair the relationship, Elise handed Melissa the picture of the whistle, stating to her to present it to Christian. Then, Tucker and Elise find out the hidden room located in the basement. In there, they discovered the young woman being a prison. Ted storms into the room, then, revealed that he is accountable. He locks his group in and tried to kill Specs. Ted has been killed by Specs for self defense.

The Writers View

The movie not that scary, however, in some instances, you may jump out from your chair due to the sound effects, the story is quite confusing and totally varies from the earlier versions, typically not lengthy film so acceptable to finish out your time for the entertainment portion of the daily life, but do not miss the initial scene that is far better when compared with the other scenes. The movie is a worth watch in the big screen.

This is not the worst horror movie flick that you can watch, but it is one of those slow movies and with this being the prequel, it must have narrowed down its plot to being regarded Elise and with her childhood, also not about attempting to piece each solo movie when all of the other movies are being plotted together. It has made it really confusing and it was not as scary like the previous movies. But, on a good side, it handles to explain the gift of Elise. If you are someone who is a fan of a trilogy, then, watch it because it explains well the beginnings. This movie centers on the character of Elise and that is definitely the best side of the movie. The scary part feels too identical to what have been seen in the other installments, but in overall, it has been enjoyable.

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