It (2017)

The movie is a supernatural horror film by director Andy Muschietti, from the novel of the 1986 novel of similar title by Stephen King. The movie tells the tales of the 7-kids in Derry, Maine, that were terrorized by an eponymous being, and only to see their personal demons through the process.

The Cast List:

  • Jaeden Lieberher played as William Denbrough or Bill, the stuttering head of a Losers’ Club that is looking for Georgie, the missing brother.
  • Sophia Lillis played as Beverly Marsh or “Bev”, the female member in the Losers’ Club, who is also bullied in school because of false rumors about her being promiscuous.
  • Tatum Lee played as Judith, the disturbing lady from an abstract painting that was haunting Stan.
  • Wyatt Oleff played as Stanley Uris or Stan, a Jewish mysophobe and the son of the rabbi.
  • Geoffrey Pounsett played as Zack Denbrough, George and Bill Denbrough’s father.
  • Jackson Robert Scott played as George Denbrough or “Georgie”, an energetic, innocent, 7-year-old sibling of Bill Denbrough.
  • Bill Skarsgård played as “It” or Pennywise Dancing Clown, a trans-dimensional, ancient, evil that is awakened every 27 years.
  • Jake Sim played as Reginald Huggins or “Belch”, another bully friend of Henry Bowers that was known for the ability to belch with command.
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor played as Benjamin Hanscom or “Ben”, the recent kid in school and thus says to have no friends and has been bullied at school.
  • Logan Thompson played as Victor Criss or “Vic”, the bully friend of Bowers that was reluctant to fit into their most sadistic actions.
  • Owen Teague played as Patrick Hockstetter, the psychopathic bully in the Bowers Gang.
  • Finn Wolfhard played as Richard Tozier or “Richie”, the bespectacled friend of Bill, whose foul language and loud mouth usually gets him in trouble.
  • Steven Williams played as Leroy Hanlon, Mike Hanlon’s stern grandfather
  • Molly Atkinson played appears as Sonia Kaspbrak, Eddie Kaspbrak overprotective mother
  • Javier Botet played as The Leper, the rotting and diseased man that met Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Stephen Bogaert played as Alvin Marsh, Beverly Marsh’s abusive father
  • Joe Bostick played as Mr. Keene, Derry’ pharmacist
  • Ari Cohen played as Rabbi Uris, Stanley Uris’ father.
  • Megan Charpentier played as Gretta Keene, the daughter of Mr. Keene that targets Beverly for being so ridiculous.
  • Jack Dylan Grazer played as Edward Kaspbrak or “Eddie”; he’s the essence of the hypochondriac, and overly exaggerated by such immense quantity of objects in the medicine cabinet.
  • Pip Dwyer played as Sharon Denbrough, George and Bill Denbrough’s mother
  • Nicholas Hamilton played as Henry Bowers, the young sociopath that heads the Bowers Gang.
  • Stuart Hughes played as Oscar Bowers or “Butch”, the abusive, police official, Henry Bowers’ father
  • Chosen Jacobs played as Michael Hanlon, the African American outsider and home school student.

The Story Line:


In year October 1988, the stammering teenager Bill Denbrough provides his 7-year old sibling, Georgie, the paper sailboat. Georgie sailed the boat in rainier avenue of the little town of Derry, and was upset when it goes down to the storm drain. When he tried to take it, Georgie saw a clown inside the sewer, and introduces himself being the Pennywise, “The Dancing Clown”. He enticed Georgie to get closer to the drainage, then severs the arm and dragged him to the sewer.


By next summer, Bill with his friends Richie, Eddie and Stan run afoul of the bully Henry with his gang. Bill, was still haunted by the disappearance of Georgie and it resulted in neglecting from his grief-suffering parents, discovered that his brother’s remains may have washed out in the marshy wasteland named as the Barrens. He recruited his buddies to have checked it, believing his sibling may still be alive.

The Writers View:

In this movie, the characters fell into a predictable horror film tropes. It is a bit silly when they have been scared already by the Pennywise for many times. What really saves this movie is he kidding performances. Bill really did a great job with the Pennywise. But, he lacks that charm wherein Tim Curry had, but still, these are big gaps that are going to fill-in with this film. In particular, Lieberher and Lillis, being the kids were really amazing with their performances. The viewers also felt the empathy for the bullied Henry, played by Hamilton. While Wolfhard the joker; and Finn also did well with their performance.

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