It: Chapter Two, 2019

The film is an American supernatural horror movie and this is the sequel of the 2017 “It” film. Both of these movies are based on the novel by Stephen King in 1986. The movie director is Andy Muschietti.

The Cast Lists

  • Jessica Chastain played as Beverly Marsh – she is the only female associate of their Losers Club, who has been sexually and physically abused by her father.
  • Bill Hader played as Richie Tozier – he is a fellow member and bespectacled best friend of their Losers Club, whose foul language and loud mouth often takes him to trouble.
  • James McAvoy played as Bill Denbrough – he is the most determined and resourceful former head of their Losers Club and who sought vengeance for the killing of Georgie, his younger brother.
  • Torian Matthew Cox and Tristian Levi Cox played as the 4 y/O Mike Hanlon.
  • Isaiah Mustafa played as Mike Hanlon – he is a member of their Losers Club who battle against “It”.
  • James Ransone played as Eddie Kaspbrak – he is the epitome of the hypochondriac.
  • Jay Ryan played as Ben Hanscom – the member that was bullied during his childhood for being overweight.
  • Andy Bean played as Stanley Uris – the pragmatic affiliate of their Losers Club.
  • Jack Dylan Grazer played as the Young Eddie Kaspbrak
  • Chosen Jacobs played as the Young Mike Hanlon
  • Sophia Lillis played as the Young Beverly Marsh
  • Jaeden Martell played as the Young Bill Denbrough
  • Wyatt Oleff played as the Young Stanley Uris
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor played as the Young Ben Hanscom
  • Finn Wolfhard played as the Young Richie Tozier
  • Bill Skarsgård played as “It” / Pennywise as the Dancing Clown – he is a trans-dimensional, ancient monster that wakes up every 27 years to nourish on the panic of the children that it kills. Pennywise is the primary form and “It’s” favorite. It was seriously wounded and overpowered by this Losers Club during 1989, and forcing it to early hibernation. The defeat motivates this monster to construct its strength and to exactly revenge towards the Losers the moment they come back to Derry.

Other Casts:

  • Joan Gregson played as Mrs. Kersh, the apparently gentle and sweet elderly woman and in fact the perfidious monster.
  • Javier Botet played as Hobo, the leper man who met Eddie and also The Witch and he is Mrs. Kersh monstrous form
  •  Jackson Robert Scott played as Georgie Denbrough, the deceased younger brother of Bill
  • Owen Teague played as Patrick Hockstetter, the dead friend of Henry, who was also killed by Pennywise.
  • Teach Grant portrayed as Henry Bowers, the psychopath who terrorized their Losers Club during 1989 summer.
  • Nicholas Hamilton reprises the role as the little Henry Bowers.
  • Molly Atkinson reprises the role as Sonia, the Munchausen syndrome of Eddie by the proxy-stricken mother. She also played as Myra, Eddie’s wife whom was similar to Sonia.
  • Taylor Frey and Xavier Dolan appeared as Don Hagarty and Adrian Mellon, the gay couple who were attacked by the group of youths when they were in a carnival just before Mellon has been killed by “It”.
  • Jake Weary appeared as Webby, the head of the adolescence gang who attacked Don and Adrian.
  • Luke Roessler portrayed as Dean, the young boy who met Bill close by the storm drain.
  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong appeared as Victoria Fuller, the little girl with the big birthmark on her nerve/cheek.
  • Jess Weixler portrayed as Audra Denbrough, Bill’s wife
  • Will Beinbrink portrayed as Tom Roga, Beverly’s abusive husband
  • Martha Girvin appeared as Patty, Stanley’s wife
  • Juno Rinaldi portrayed as the adult Gretta
  • Together with Stephen Bogaert, Logan Thompson, Jake Sim, Megan Charpentier and Joe Bostick.

The Story Line

In 2016 Derry, Don Hagarty and Maine witnessed the murder of Adrian Mellon by the Pennywise right after the gang of the homophobic adolescents beaten them and throws Adrian off the bridge while sending off the yearly Derry carnival. Overhearing the police scanner and with the investigation at the crime scene, Mike Hanlon discovered It has returned, so he phoned his childhood buddies, Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Richie Tozier, Stanley Uris, and Eddie Kaspbrak, back to Derry in honoring the promise they once made during 1989 to murder this It if this It will come back.

While the rest travel to Derry together with their sense of dread and only hazy memories, Stan cut his wrists in the bathtub after taking the call. These Losers teams meet for dinner in a Chinese restaurant, wherein Mike refreshes everyone’s memories while they’re tormented by their hallucinations and discovered of Stan’s death. Eddie and Richie settle to depart until Beverly revealed that since she had exposed to the “It’s Deadlights, she had been encountering visions of their loss should they fail or leave the town without accomplishing their promise.

Bill was taken by Mike to the library abode and showed him, through the drug-induced vision, where the Native American tribe Ritual of Chüd, the Shokopiwah will stop It for eternity. After the others agreed to perform that ritual, Mike explained that this ritual will require seven personally owned items from their previous life to be sacrificed. In the baseball game, a small girl known as Victoria was murdered after It deceived her by uttering that he will take out the birthmark from the face. In the meantime, Henry Bowers, who endured being pushed inside the wall at Neibolt house and has been arrested for killing his father in the year 1989, escaped from the mental institution with the assistance from the It.

The Writers View

It has been a while ever since the first movie was initially released. The movie drags on at the core by dividing up their crew and subjecting everybody to jump scares. It means small character interaction (that is part of the initial film had going for it. By the moment you get into the last confrontation with the Pennywise, you are just so tired of those jump scares and wanted it to be over just because you are not really searching for the losers. It is mostly due to what has been established in the primary film.

The film started off great. In some way, the scenario at the bridge controls to match that iconic opening scene from the first one. Skarsgård is still an astonishing Pennywise and is scary as hell. The speech of Stan in Richie’s next flashback is just great and really funny. The casting is, in the most part, was just really good. However, IT has been just hard for most of their adult actors to locate for the balance in between being recognized while still flashing how they have matured as time goes on. The adult Richie is just too kid-like whereas Bev is really mature enough to that certainty of being unrecognized.

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