Joker 2019

Joker 2019

The film is an American psychological thriller movie by director Todd Phillips, who then co-wrote the film screenplay with Mr. Scott Silver. The movie is based on the DC Comics characters with the origin of the story set in the year 1981 where Arthur Fleck, the not successful stand-up comedian that turned to the life of misdeed and chaos in the Gotham City.

The Cast Lists

Joaquin Phoenix played as Arthur Fleck or Joker – the impoverished, mentally ill stand-up comedian who has been ignored by the society, and whose record of abuse made him to be the nihilistic criminal.

Zazie Beetz played as Sophie Dumond – the cynical single mom and the love interest of Arthur

Frances Conroy played as Penny Fleck – Arthur’s physically and mentally ill mother

Robert De Niro played Murray Franklin – the talk show host that played the part in Arthur’s downfall.

Brett Cullen played as Thomas Wayne, the billionaire philanthropist who is running for Gotham mayor.

Bill Camp as a detective in Police Department of the Gotham City

Bryan Callen played as Arthur’s co-worker

Glenn Fleshler played as Randall, the co-worker of Arthur and a clown

Leigh Gill played as Gary, the co-worker of Arthur

Douglas Hodge played as Alfred Pennyworth, the caretaker of Wayne family and a butler.

Marc Maron played as Gene Ufland, the producer on the Franklin’s show

Dante Pereira-Olson played as Bruce Wayne, the son of Thomas, who became a Joker’s arch enemy Batman when adult.

Josh Pais played as Hoyt Vaughn, the agent of Arthur

Brian Tyree Henry played as the clerk at the Arkham State Hospital

Justin Theroux cameos unaccredited as the celebrity guest on the Franklin’s show.

Shea Whigham as a detective at the Police Department of Gotham City

The Story Line

In the year 1981, Arthur Fleck, the party clown lives with Penny, his mother, in Gotham City. This Gotham has been rife with unemployment and crime and, and leaving segments of the populace impoverished and disenfranchised. Arthur suffered from the neurological disorder that makes him laugh at the not appropriate times and relies on the social service workers for medication. Right after the gang attacked him in the alley, Randall, Arthur’s co-worker, lends him the gun. Arthur invited his neighbor, Sophie, a single mother, to the stand-up comedy performance, and they started dating.

Joaquin Phoenix played Joker

While entertaining in the children’s hospital, a gun of Arthur falls out from his pocket. Then, Arthur has been fired and then Randall lied that Arthur was the one who bought the gun. On the passageway, still with his clown makeup on, Arthur has been beaten by the three Wayne Enterprises businessmen who were drunk; he killed the two in self-defense and then executes the third. These murders are damned by Thomas Wayne, the billionaire mayoral candidate, who labeled those envious as the more successful people being the “clowns”. Protest against the Gotham’s rich started, with the protesters donning clown covered in the image of Arthur. Funding cuts shutter in the social service plan, leaving Arthur with no medication at all.

The comedy show of Arthur goes poorly; he is laughing uncontrollably and had a hard time delivering his jokes. Murray Franklin, the talk shows host teases Arthur by flashing clips from the schedule on his show. Then, Arthur intercepts the letter written to Thomas by Penny, claiming that he’s the illegitimate son of Thomas, and rebuked his mother for not telling the truth. Arthur talks to Bruce, Thomas’ young son, at Wayne Manor, but flees right after the scuffle with the butler Alfred Pennyworth. Subsequent with the visit from the two Police Department detectives in Gotham City who are investigating in Arthur’s involvement within the train murders, and Penny suffered stroke and has been hospitalized.

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The Writers View

Every now and then, a kind of movie comes that really makes an impact. The performance of Joaquin and the scenography in all is brilliant. The movie is grotesque, cringe and haunting, hard to watch, but really mesmerizing. Someone will not really blink their eyes while watching it. It is tragic, but it has that serious funny moment. There is an emotional rollercoaster and at times with numerous emotions popping-up all at the same time.

The movie is really far from the typical action-riddled expected super-hero film. It is that proper psychological thriller and drama, with the solo best character development of the cast. It is really an outstanding movie with the haunting performance and the best character development that anyone can ever see. Really a good movie to watch!

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