Krampus, 2015

The movie is an American fantasy, dark comedy horror film from the eponymous character of the Austro-Bavarian folklore, directed and written by Michael Dougherty with the co-writers Zach Shields and Todd Casey.

The Cast Lists

  • Emjay Anthony played as Max Engel
  • Mark Atkin played as Ketkrókur
  • Toni Collette played as Sarah Engel
  • Sage Hunefeld played as Baby Chrissie
  • Conchata Ferrell played as Aunt Dorothy
  • Maverick Flack played as Howie Jr.
  • David Koechner played as Howard
  • Stefania LaVie Owen played as Beth Engel
  • Lolo Owen played as Stevie
  • Adam Scott played as Tom Engel              
  • Krista Stadler played as Omi Engel
  • Queenie Samuel played as Jordan
  • Allison Tolman played as Linda
  • Leith Towers played as Derek
  • Curtis Vowell played as DHL Man
  • Luke Hawker played as Krampus (that is in-suit performer)
  • Brett Beattie played as Der Klown (the Jack-inside-the-box)

The Voices

  • Gideon Emery played as Krampus
  • Seth Green played as the Gingerbread Man Lumpy
  • Justin Roiland being Gingerbread Man Clumpy
  • Breehn Burns played as the Gingerbread Man Dumpy
  • Ivy George played as the Perchta the Cherub

The Story Line

Just three days more before Christmas, the dysfunctional but the prosperous Engel family arrived together for the Christmas season. Max remained as one firm believer of Santa Claus, and intended for sending the letter to him. Among his family are Tom and Sarah, his parents; Beth, his teenage sister; Linda, his aunt and Howard, his uncle Howard; with Howie Jr., Stevie, baby Chrissie and Jordan their children; Dorothy, Linda and Sarah’s cantankerous aunt; and Omi, Tom’s mother, who spoke mostly in German.

Max wanted to go on with the family traditions, but the tensions in between their relatives lead to the lost of the Christmas spirit. During that moment that his cousins had read out his memo to Santa and then, mock him for that, he has torn apart the letter and then throws it out his window. That evening, a harsh blizzard surrounds the entire town, and caused the power outage. Then, Beth tried out in checking her boyfriend, but she has been chased by the huge horned creature. Then, Beth hides under the delivery truck, and this creature left the jack-in-a-box that attacks and then captures her.

And everything went on and on…

The Writers View

Krampus is not like any other film that you possibly watched, because it is not only both funny and lighthearted and but it is also surprisingly horrifying. Because you see that there are some nightmares fuel in the movie even if will not find it to be that scary. The movie is a legitimate horror. When the horror movie is 100% serious, then, that is just fine as long as it is warranted. When the horror movie takes itself too seriously, it will make it a bit boring to watch, though. The best comparison is from the remake movie where it has been largely panned since it was that serious while handling with some of the most ridiculous subject matter where the original has made it to some morbid humor that worked even better. Krampus did it the same, though it is visibly more of the comedy than the other movies.

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