Krampus: The Reckoning, 2015

The movie is also called as The Hunted and it is an American horror film directed and written by Robert Conway, with the co-writer Owen Conway. This movie star a child psychologist, Monica Engesser, who is trying to unravel the connection in between the strange young girl and a mythological creature named as Krampus.

Cast Lists

  • Monica Engesser appeared as Doctor Rachel Stewart
  • Gianna Frangella appeared as the Young Rachel Stewart
  • Amelia Haberman appeared being Zoe Eliza Weaver
  • Angelina Mann appeared as Ashley Ellsworth
  • Karen Rolston appeared as the Grandmother Weaver
  • Alexandria Stevens appeared as Delores Kelly
  • Sean G.P. Anderson appeared as Lamaar Coleman
  • Owen Conway appeared as Joseph Mooney
  • Benjamin Foronda appeared as Theodore Hoelzer
  • Carrie Fee appeared as Katherine Hoelzer
  • Jeffrey Lamaar appeared as Det. James Cegan
  • Kevin Tye appeared as the Doctor Tom Jennings
  • James Ray appeared as the Det. Miles O’Connor
  • Shawn Saavedra appeared as Andrew Kelly
  • Nathaniel Burns appeared as Clayton Ellsworth
  • William Connor appeared Brian the Bartender/as Krampus


One Christmas, the lady told Zoe Weaver, her granddaughter, about Krampus. Zoe had been placed in the foster care right after the passing away of her parents, then, she is finally adopted by the abusive couple, whom she killed using the homemade, Voodoo doll-seems effigies that are able to take Krampus. While inside the hospice, Zoe has been interviewed by the child psychologist known as Rachel Stewart, and used her dolls to call Krampus to kill the pedophilia orderly, and also the alcoholic, negligent father of her fellow patient known as Ashley.

Rachel looked in the past of Zoe, and finds out that one of the previous foster fathers of Zoe died under strange circumstances, and Zoe, despite staring like one preadolescent, will in fact be more than 30. Rachel, who had amnesia about her own childhood, starts having nightmares regarding Krampus, which finally appeared in her house alongside Zoe. Then, Rachel flees with Lamaar, her adoptive son, but gets in a car accident, following in them mutually being hospitalized. The flashback revealed that Rachel is really the older sister of Zoe, and that she had been a juvenile delinquent with her attempt to call Krampus, set the flame that murdered Zoe and her parents. In her night dreams, Rachel was confronted by Krampus and Zoe, who she begged to rescue the dying Lamaar. Then, Rachel spontaneously combusted in the hospital bed whilst Lamaar revived on an operating table, then, Krampus having taken the life of Rachel in exchange for the life of Lamaar.

Zoe disappeared, as does every evidences of Zoe’s existence past her dying in the year 1992. Rachel’s pal Miles visited her grave, and whilst leaving the cemetery, not knowing walks past the tombstone of Zoe.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is really not that awful because the tale was a somewhat good, but the actors acting were the one that is terrible. The lead actress with her droopy very sad eyes turned out to be annoying to stare at, just like a big bald man with an ugly smile who stared like the Daddy Warbucks. This tale is so interesting, but was unbelievably rushed in the end. Some sides of the movie do not make any sense at all. Your feeling of this movie will be in between, and it is an assurance of that. However, when the acting happened to be much better, then, this movie is more enjoyable. Regardless, if the movie has ugly actors or whatever flaws probably.

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