Krampus Unleashed, 2016

The horror movie was written by director Robert Conway. The story is about the members of the dysfunctional family that runs afoul of the fabled creature Krampus while spending Christmas together with their relatives in the Southwestern part of the United States.

Cast Lists

  • Amelia Brantley appeared as Bonnie Tyler
  • Taylor Buckley appeared as Troy Henderson
  • Linda Cushma appeared as Alice Henderson
  • William Connor appeared as Harvey       
  • Sean Dillingham appeared as Clayton Olson
  • Bryson Holl appeared as Tommy
  • Kerry Keepers appeared as Cooper         
  • Caroline Lassetter appeared as Fiona      
  • Eric Lettman appeared as Rodger
  • Tim Sauer appeared as Will
  • Emily Lynne Aiken appeared as Amber
  • Jeffrey Aguilar Jr. appeared as James
  • Dujhan Brown appeared as the Trooper Dan Shilling
  • Adam Berardi appeared as Ben Rawlings
  • Owen Conway appeared as Terry
  • David Casillas appeared as Larry Light Foot
  • Tori Osborn appeared as Vivian Henderson
  • Michael Harrelson appeared as Dale Henderson
  • William Kenny appeared as Young Cooper
  • Daniel Link appeared as David Henderson
  • Greg Lutz appeared as Fritz
  • Juliet Rose Serrato appeared as Fran
  • Travis Amery appeared as Krampus


In 1898, the German outlaw named as Erik Klaus allegedly hide treasure somewhere within the desert of Arizona before finally disappearing, leaving behind the ominous warning to everybody that went looking for the stash. Years after, the crowd of cowboys discovered the loot that turned out to become the coal-such as “summoning stone” that released Krampus when being to open flames. Based on the myth, Saint Nicholas placed pieces of the stones in the stockings and the shoes of his enemies, and so that Krampus will kill them if the clothing were placed by the fire to dry. Then, Krampus was accidentally summoned when a stone is being dropped on the lantern, and then it proceeds to murder every cowboys save one, that is Cooper. While Cooper is going away, the summoning stone fell down into the stream, and then it gets lost.

After decades, the family consisted of Amber and Will, and their kids Fiona and Tommy traveled to Arizona to celebrate their Christmas with the parents of Amber, Alice and Dale Henderson. Also present were the environmentalist brother of Amber, David and Vivian, his wife, with Troy, their delinquent son. While gold panning at the creek, Tommy locates the summoning stone that brings forth Krampus, then Troy accidentally burnt it with the cigarette lit. Krampus runs amok from the area, killing the pair of Bigfoot huntsman, and also the boyfriend of the woman named as Bonnie. Bonnie looked for aid from the Henderson, and uses their phone to call in 911.

As they are waiting for the police officers to arrive, Dale, Alice, Amber and Will were all slaughtered by the Krampus. Troy, Tommy, Bonnie, David, Vivian, and Fiona attempt to flee in the vehicle, but then it crashed and killed Vivian. David attacked the Krampus to have the others the time to run, and is being ripped to pieces. Fiona, Troy, Tommy and also Bonnie make it up to the house of Cooper, who had spent his whole life studying Krampus since he endured it all those times/years ago. Cooper revealed that Krampus is beckoned by the fire, but will be vanished back to the Hell by earth.

Writer’s Notion

The title of the movie will draw you into viewing it, with the cool cover/poster, a very intriguing if not mainly original premise and with someone having the general appreciation of horror movies.

The movie is a low-budget film, which from the frequent personal encounter is rarely a very good sign because of that there are lots of poor movies out there, will make you realize apprehensive and also with poor reviews and low rating.

However, it is sadly yet another movie seen recently, hence there is some reiteration since the exact same flaws and strengths those films have had been present here, and that was incredibly disappointing taking into consideration its potential that it does not do anywhere close enough with. The movie is a bit terrible, with enormous problems. The low budget film like the Krampus have not fare well and is one of those worst examples.

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