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#Alive is a South Korean movie about zombies of director Cho Il-hyung. This is based on the script Alone of 2019 by Matt Naylor that co-adapted the script with Cho. This movie revolved around the video game live struggle of the streamer for survivals as he is being forced to remain alone in his apartment in Seoul during the zombie apocalypse.

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Cast Lists

Yoo Ah-in appeared being Oh Joon-woo, the gamer who struggled to survive the zombie outbreak. He was about to hang himself after perceiving the his family was killed by the zombies, but he locates new hope after identifying that there is the other survivor named as Yoo-bin.

Park Shin-hye appeared to be Kim Yoo-bin, the mysterious lady who helped Joon-woo to survive. She often kills the zombies that trespass their house by using the booby-trapped door and the hand ax.

Lee Hyun-wook appeared to be Lee Sang-chul, an infected tenant whom Joon-woo allowed to come in.

Oh Hye-won appeared as the police officer that was killed by an infected.

Jin So-yeon appeared as Elena Kim

Jeon Bae-soo appeared as the masked man that save Yoo-bin and Joon-woo but wanted to nourish them to the zombified wife.

Lee Chae-kyung appeared as one zombified wife to the masked man.


Oh Joon-woo was alone in the apartment of his family when the oddly illness which that causes the infection to attack and then eat the uninfected people broke out with the news and also around him. When he unlocks the entry going to the hallway their neighbor barges in. The guy begs to stay, however, succumbed to infection and then attacked Joon-woo. Then, Joon-woo pushed him back out, then, he locked the door. He gets messages from his relatives telling him that they are safe.

Then Joon-woo blocked the front door with a fridge and posted the rescue requested over the social media. The neighborhood became overrun with infections. Although the emergency power remains, Joon-woo slowly lost access to the networks, the running water and the internet. Another infected guy breaks into their apartment, knocking over their fridge and smashing their food inside. Then Joon-woo tricked him to fall off the balcony. Then Joon-woo is having his illusion about his sister and parents because of thirst and hunger his phone network return for a moment. He takes the voicemail coming from his family that recorded their last moments together.

#Alive zombie

Joon-woo attempted suicide, but handles to free himself during the time that he saw a laser pointer’s light shifting around the apartment. Then Kim Yoo-bin, the survivor that stays in the opposite room, signals to him, then, later tried to set up the zip line in sending him the food. He also transmits the drone. The infected firefighter scales up to the zip line, that Yoo – bin had attached to the table. The board knocks her out. In spite of the distractions of Joon-woo’s, the infection reaches the terrace, but failed to his passing when she woke up and incise off his hand. Then Joon-woo stole clothing, walkie-talkies, food from the neighbor’s unit and transmitted the walkie-talkie going to Yoo-bin. Then the two talk and bonded.

Writer’s Notion

Yes, this is almost like the remake of the French zombie movie, “The Night Eat the World,” about the guy survivor talking with the female one, going down to a zip-lining into the other side. But this Korean one tried harder to become romantic and cute for its own reason. Maybe it can be more marketable within Asia, plus its ending is even more uplifting, but, it’s not better when compared with the French one.


This is a typical zombie story. Clearly, the budget is being limited, so the entire movie was filmed in a city blocked to cut down with the cost. Decent acting, however, some details were missing and there is kind of an obvious point. The other things such as the truth that zombies heard noise in the apartment some levels up coming from down the street. Somehow manage to exactly identify where the blast is coming from. With a normal person, that is really hard. This movie is worth watching if you are a zombie fanatic.

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