Army of the Dead, 2021

The movie is a US zombie heist that is directed by Mr. Zack Snyder from the screenplay that he co-wrote together with Shay Hatten and also with Joby Harold, from the tale he also created. It follows the crowd of mercenaries who planned the heist amid zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas casino.

Cast Lists


Dave Bautista performed as Scott Ward                Garret Dillahunt performed as Martin

Raúl Castillo performed as Mikey Guzman            Richard Cetrone performed as Zeus

Omari Hardwick performed as Vanderohe            Tig Notaro performed as Marianne Peters

Ella Purnell performed as Kate Ward                        Athena Perample performed as Alpha Queen

Huma Qureshi performed as Geeta                          Samantha Win performed as Chambers

Theo Rossi performed as Burt Cummings               Ana de la Reguera performed as Maria Cruz

Hiroyuki Sanada performed as Bly Tanaka             Matthias Schweighöfer performed as Ludwig Dieter

Nora Arnezeder performed as Lilly


A US military convoy that was traveling from the Area 51 collides and in the vehicle on the highway that is outside Las Vegas. This cargo convoy is a zombie, escapes, infecting and killing some soldiers before going into the city. The subsequent and original zombies infected most of the population of the city. After the military intervention failed, the government quarantines this city. After six years, the owner of casino Bly Tanaka together with his group Martin approaches the mercenary and Scott Ward, the former resident of Las Vegas about the job to recover the $200 million from the Las Vegas casino vault before the military deployed the tactical nuclear strikes on the city.

The ward agreed and recruited his former group mates Vanderohe and Maria Cruz, along with Marianne Peters, the helicopter pilot; Ludwig Dieter, the German safecracker, and Mikey Guzman, the Chicano sharpshooter who takes along his colleague Chambers. Martin joined the group to provide them access to the casino. Kate, the ward’s estranged daughter that worked at the quarantine camp, directed them to Lilly, and a smuggler familiarizes with the city, that also recruited Burt Cummings, the abusive camp guard. When Kate discovers Lilly escorted Geeta, her friend in Las Vegas, Kate insisted on joining the group over the Ward’s objections. After the encounter with the zombified tiger upon coming in Las Vegas, Lilly wounded Cummings and explained that the team of intelligent zombies identified as “Alphas” will permit the safe passage in swap for a sacrifice. The Alpha female being called as the Queen gets Cummings away into the Olympus casino, wherein the Alpha head Zeus infected him.

Lilly guides the group to the building packed with normal, hibernating zombies. Ward created the path by the zombies with the glow sticks. And then Chambers accused Martin of having ulterior motives, he diverted her off their path, and she awakens the zombies. Right after she was surrounded and bitten, Mikey shot the gasoline canister on her back, murdering her and the nearby zombie horde. Coming at the casino of Bly, Kate and Ward switch-on the power, Peters prepared the helicopter over the roof, and then Dieter worked in the vault. Lily and Martin stay outside with the pretense of being watch, but instead tempt the Queen to the open. Martin executed her and took her head. Zeus discovered her body and then returned her to Olympus casino, and revealed that the Queen had been pregnant with the zombie fetus inside. Enraged, Zeus directed the Alphas to go to the casino. The news report revealed that the government had brought forward a nuclear strike, providing the group about 90 minutes. When Dieter opened the vault, Ward discovered Kate had run off to search for Geeta. As Cruz and were about to look for her, those Alphas appeared and kill Cruz.

Writer’s Notion

There might be some questions as this movie starts. Will someone sacrificed themselves for the sake of others, although they probably saved themselves tool? Are the leading roles being mislead by that billionaire who place this in a spot? And there are lots of questions that might come up their minds as they are watching this movie.

If you do not know the exact answer to any of these queries, then you have never seen any movie before and you might like this film by the incident. Otherwise, there is a bit attempt to take these characters into life except in some tediously emotional talks between two casts that you will not care about. There are some great moments here like the aforementioned starting credits. A quiet scene with a not so quiet finale and there are occasional moments of great suspense and action. However, it was all getting suffocated through the length, the predictability, the slack moments, the stupidity, and also the high quotient that no one cares about.

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