Black Pumpkin, 2018

This movie is an American film under the direction and writing of Ryan McGonagle. It is about the two preteens that on the 31st of October, in a little town has been accidentally awakened the evil that had lain inactive for decades. They had been forced to survive by the horrifying Halloween evening of cat-and-mouse, coming from a monster named as “Bloody Bobby.” The movie is produced by two companies.

Cast Lists

Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick appeared as ‘Pork Chop’ – Lawrence Chubbs

Ellie Patrikios appeared as Laurie Peterson           Ryan Poole appeared as Judd Barker

Matt Rife appeared as Flash                                        Wesley Szabo appeared as Officer Trevor

Connor Weil appeared as Ace Barker                       Timothy Wade appeared as Mr. Cooper

Kamilla Alnes appeared as Sarah Leavitt                 Gemma Brooke Allen appeared as Regan Peterson

Brittany Belt appeared as Karolyi Osbourn            Curt Clendenin appeared as Alex Griffin

Jacques Derosena appeared as Mr. Carpenter     Dogen Eyeler appeared as Elliot Peterson

Malaak Hattab appeared as Phoebe                         Shaeda Moghaddam appeared as Mrs. Cooper

Alix Lane appeared as Ashley/Alix Schwartx         Jordyn Lucas appeared as Jordyn Lucus/Britney Cooper


While filming a bit of documentary, a kid together his friends uncovered the legend of a spirit of the young kid haunting the small town and accidentally release it on the night of Halloween beginning with a bloody rampage all throughout the urban, obliging them to look for the means of halting it just before it strikes everybody.

The movie starts with the man watching TV in the evening when he heard the knock at the door. Upon unlocking it, he locates saw the black jack-o-lantern at his porch and no one else around. And because it’s Halloween, he just discarded it as one prank. After minutes, he was stabbed in his head with the use of an ice pick. And not only that, when his daughter returned from work that evening, she was also shot by a gun rigged to went-off when she unlocks the door.

After 10 years, one more family had moved in with the pre-teen by a name “Elliott Peterson” with his best buddy “Pork Chop”, doing some researches for their school project about the supposedly haunted area close by their town called as the Diablo’s Den. They’re then warned by the guy named “Alex Griffin” about the odd creature named as “Bloody Bobby” who came out from nowhere and killed everyone that he targets. Sadly, the warning came really late since Bloody Bobby already had his sights set over some victims. Alternatively, it’s geared towards the younger crowd; however, some of the killings went a little bit far.

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Writer’s Notion

The movie geared towards the adult viewers and some of the sceneries of the sexual nature had been quite tame and uninteresting. This being said, the manner wherein director Ryan McGonagle is adorable for he uses suspense in sharpening the horror features, now and then. Ellie Patrikios addition is also admirable because she enhanced each scene she had been in with her very sexy demeanor. But, on its flip side, the movie was plagued with slow parts and lacking of consistent theme hampered with the overall effect to the greatest degree. Probably, if it was less inconsistent, the movie will be rated higher.

With the cheesy background sound and its filming, the movie seems likely a dud. You can tell when a badly created flick from the great one. This one was not even worth an effort to watch, although some will like it or will find it entertaining. But, honestly, with this movie with some 80’s kind of style, there will no way it will boom! But then again, it will depend on the movie watchers if they will like majority of the characters or not, for their Halloween movie sit-downs with family and a pack of popcorn.

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