Blood Red Sky, 2021

The movie is a British-German action and horror thriller film under the direction of Peter Thorwarth, who also co-wrote the movie screenplay together with Stefan Holtz.

Cast Lists

Peri Baumeiste performed as Nadja

Carl Anton Koch performed as Elias

Nader Ben-Abdallah performed as Mohammed, the passenger and astrophysics student

Chidi Ajufo performed as Curtiz, the American member of those terrorists

Kai Ivo Baulitz performed as Bastian Buchner, a co-pilot and the member of those terrorists.

David Hürten performed as Marvin, the former German Islamic converted to ISIS

Holger Hage performed as Holger, the Bundespolizei air marshal

Jan Loukota performed as Jurij, the Czech explosives experts and the member of those terrorists

Roland Møller performed as Karl, the Danish member of those terrorists

Graham McTavish performed as Col. Alan Drummond, a British Army

Jacqueline Macaulay performed as Naomi, the German interpreter at the RAF Drybridge

Dominic Purcell performed as Berg, an American leader of the terrorists

Kais Setti performed as a physicist and passenger, Farid al Adwa

Rebecca Dyson-Smith performed as Sgt. Karen Brown, a British Army

Alexander Scheer performed as Eightball/Robert, the psychotic German member of the terrorists who had ruse as the air steward

Florian Schmidtke performed as Michael, the Bundespolizei air marshal



Nadja, the German widow and Elias, her son were preparing to board the plane going to New York City. Nadja who appeared to suffer from leukemia, planned of visiting a doctor for her treatment. While they were at the airport, a man named Farid became friends with Elias, while his mother was taking her medicines that caused her serious discomfort.

As the travelers settle down as the evening approaches, a crowd of men, including Bastian, the co-pilot, murdered the air marshals, then, sabotage a black box, stopping the plane to be tracked on by the radar. Berg, the leader, announced that they are now controlling the plane and expected everyone to stay in place until the ransom will be paid. Elias tried to hide, and then, Nadja followed him. The Eightball, the sociopathic hijacker saw them and shot Nadja. Assuming that she was dead, the hijackers forced Farid to record the statement that will make it appear that the plane had been seized by the terrorists for the suicide attack, and being aware that it may be shot down.

When Nadja regained her consciousness, she relived the day that her husband, Nikolai, passed away. He had gone into the local farmhouse for some help after the car broke down. Then, he failed to come back and Nadja went searching for him and had been bitten by his killer, the vampire who immolated during sunrise. Nadja, a vampire now, returned to their farmhouse looking for some answers. The elderly vampire harassed her for murdering his son, but then she beat him until he died and escaped with the vials of the vampire suppressant.

Writer’s Notion

The movie was a really bloody movie. The make-up effects were excellent, and also the entire craftsmanship. The set up and the story are adorable. The only downside of the movie was it was a bit long. However, you will get the story that was effectively told.

The movie is a really good one and you will be surprised about how well the movie was. If you did not know anything about the movie, it is much better, because you will be surprised of how good the genre of the movie was. The movie was not of similar quality as the Quentin Tarantino’s films, but this is certainly worth watching. The make-up was nice, decent acting, plus the best surprising story. The first half of the movie was way better than the finale, but overall, you will not get disappointed by the movie which you will surely enjoy from start to finish and it is for sure that lots of moviegoers that love the horror genres will surely do as well.

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