Censor, 2021

This is a British psychological horror movie of director Prano Bailey-Bond and this was produced from the screenplay by the Bailey-Bond and also Anthony Fletcher.

Cast Lists

Niamh Algar performed as Enid Baines                                   Nicholas Burns performed as Sanderson

Guillaume Delaunay performed as Beastman/Charles     Matthew Earley performed as Gordon

Vincent Franklin performed as Fraser                                      Felicity Montagu performed as Valerie

Richard Glover performed as Gerald                                        Beau Gadsdon performed as Young Enid

Clare Holman performed as June                                              Andrew Havill performed as George

Sophia La Porta performed as Alice Lee/”Nina Baines”     Clare Perkins performed as Anne

Richard Renton performed as Frank                                         Michael Smiley performed as Doug Smart

Adrian Schiller performed as Frederick North                       Erin Shanagher performed as Debbie

Amelie Child-Villiers performed as Young Nina                    Danny Lee Wynter performed as Perkins



In the year 1985, Enid Baines worked for the Film Classification of the British Board during the peak height of this Video Nasty controversy. The co-workers of Enid call her “Little Ms. Perfect” because of her strictness when suggesting that violent content become banned or cut. While Enid was having dinner with the parents, they discussed Enid’s sister Nina’s disappearance, when these two were still little. The parents of Enid’s have since affirmed Nina legally dead, however, Enid was convinced that her sibling was still missing.

After a while, a man kills his children and wife, a tabloid newspaper connects the killings to the film, Enid had once rated some months ago, naming her as a censor who agreed it. Enid began receiving telephone calls insulting and threatening her on the normal basis. Then, one day, Enid was approached by this Doug Smart, the movie producer who claimed that a veteran director of horror movies, Frederick North had personally requested that a screen one of the old movies entitled “Do Not Go in a Church”. During their screening, Enid witnessed that event portrayed parallel her reminiscences of the disappearance of her sister. Investigating North further through acquiring a duplicate of one of the banned films of his, Enid noticed that the movie’s lead, Alice Lee, takes a likeness to the missing sister. Enid later became obsessed to meet North, considering that Lee is the missing sister, and needed to be rescued from an exploitation movie industry.

When Enid visited Smart, hoping to discover the whereabouts of North, he told her that North was making the sequel to the Do Not Go in a Church near the home, and attempted on raping her. Enid rejected Smart, causing him on becoming more aggressive, just before Enid pushed him back, tripping; than accidentally, spiking him on the film award. Smart died as Enid stared in shock, not able to process whatever had happened. After stealing the address of North from her workplace, Enid locates the set of latest film of North, where he and also the crew assumed her to become an actress. During the climactic scene, Enid killed the actor named Charles by using an ax, and thinking that he had been going to hurt the “sisterhood”. The terrified Alice flew from Enid when she asked for Alice to “pleased be her” before failing in the woods. The remote control appeared in the hands of Enid, and she pressed the button.

Writer’s Notion

It is not actually a horror film as much as this is a commentary on the horror movies. It is thought that most of the scene disconnects with the viewers. Most people probably arrived to thinking that it is a really scary movie, but it is not! This is just a historical mystery drama that is so moody and real concept movie. This movie tone is seriously accentuated and bleak by the perfect color grade. It is like seeing a picture-tube television on a side and the deteriorating mind on the other side – that is how you can sum up this movie. While Enid is looking for closure regarding the sister is a really intriguing direction which the movie makers went in.

It will be adorable to see more of meta-references to this moviemaking and movie-censoring during those times. This is what an initial act is. The mental chaos of Enid became the focus on the movie in its second act, and also the meta-elements only served as the background noise from a point on. The efficient production aside, both with the social commentaries and the completion to the character arc of Enid come off as fairly underdeveloped.

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