Demonic, 2021

This is a supernatural horror movie co-produced, directed and written by Neill Blomkamp. The movie is filmed amid the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Cast Lists

Carly Pope performed as Carly                                    Michael J Rogers performed as Michael

Nathalie Boltt performed as Angela                         Terry Chen performed as Daniel

Chris William Martin performed as Martin            Kandyse McClure performed as Sam



Carly is the young lady who has fall-out of contact together with Angela, her mother. Angela was convicted of murdering over 20 people in the killing spree wherein she burned down one care home she had worked with and poisoned the church. Carly was supported by Sam, her best friend. The duo cut off with Martin, their other childhood pal, after he started to espouse odd theories about Angela. Then, one day, Carly reads the message from Martin, who wanted to meet and talk. Martin told Carly that he had been invited to become a part of the focus team test for the company known as Therapol that involved with real medical patients, and Angela was one of them, a comatose patient. Carly was later contacted by the Therapol, who asked her to visit the facility to discuss about Angela.

She met Daniel and Michael, the scientists, who explained that Angela fell into comas following the sequence of the violent sequences in prison and was “locked-in” inside the body. They told Carly that Angela was very active inside the simulation, calling for Martin and Carly. They asked Carly if she was willing to come into Angela’s mind and talk to her, that she reluctantly agreed to do. During the simulation, Carly entered the copy of her youth home and angrily confronted Angela about the crimes. Angela, totally able to talk in simulation, demanded that Carly should leave. That evening, Carly had a nightmare wherein she saw the strange symbol that made of the raven carcass.

Carly arrived at the Therapol for one more trip inside a simulation. Then, this time she entered by the new tunnel into the field outside the old sanatorium that Angela had worked before. She met with Angela, who claimed that she wasn’t the person who phoned for Martin and Carly. The body of Angela during the simulation begins to glitch out, then, the scientists ignored the terrified Carly’s demanded to be taken out from the simulation. Coming in the sanatorium, she saw the body of Sam before she was attacked by the avian-like Demon who slashes its open arm, making the similar cut on a real-life body of Caarly. Carly exits in the simulation and told Michael and Daniel how years ago, Martin and her found Angela in a sanatorium with the similarly cut over her arm. Carly refused to be in another simulation.

Writer’s Notion

Beneath that glossy surface of exclusive visual ambition and the slew of potential-filled, intriguing concepts and ideas, the movie is unfortunately being of similar nonsensical writing, unbearably slow dialogue, weak characters, and clichés that had plagued the terrifying genre for decades now.

It is understandable why some people had their issues in this movie. It is not really a masterpiece at all. The movie tried something interesting visibly, when it comes in the different world. Although, it seemed to appear differently, the cast acting is over than rock solid. There are some fine scared round a picture – but then again do not anticipate that much. Although the main protagonist was a bit annoying, but still the cinematography was really cool with the entire VR portrayal. Even though the action was really limited, it could have composed the wicked action scenes.

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