Ghostbusters: Afterlife, 2021

This is an American supernatural comedy movie under the direction of Jason Reitman and who co-wrote with Gil Kenan. The movie is the sequel of the 1984 Ghostbusters and the 1989 Ghostbusters II and this is the fourth movie of the Ghostbusters franchise.

Cast Lists


Mckenna Grace performed as Phoebe Spengler Ernie Hudson performed as Winston Zeddemore

Logan Kim performed as Podcast                              Bill Murray performed as Peter Venkman

Celeste O’Connor performed as Lucky Domingo  Annie Potts performed as Janine Melnitz

Paul Rudd performed as Gary Grooberson            Dan Aykroyd performed as “Ray” Raymond Stantz

Finn Wolfhard performed as Trevor Spengler      Sigourney Weaver performed as Dana Barrett

Carrie Coon performed as Callie Spengler


On 2021 of June, Egon Spengler captured the corpse in the mine of occultist Ivo Shandor in Summerville, Oklahoma, then, lures one more being on the farm. Egon activated the detailed setup on the property, but then the power failed, and he concealed the ghost block in his house before being harassed by a creature and suffered the deadly heart attack. His financially struggling, estranged daughter Callie inherited the farm, and moved there with the kids Phoebe and Trevor right after being expelled from their apartment in Chicago.

Trevor became infatuated with the carhop Lucky Domingo, the scientifically witty Phoebe enrolled in the summer science class whom was taught by Gary Grooberson, the seismologist. Phoebe discovered a farmhouse is being haunted and a poltergeist dwelling in it heads her into a ghost trap that she showed to Gary and Podcast, her new friend. Gary, a Ghostbusters fan, helps Phoebe to discover more about her grandfather and about them. He, Podcast and Phoebe tampered with a trap, setting-free of one of the Gozer a Gozerian’s Sentinel who escaped from the mine. This farm ghost heads Phoebe to the underground laboratory of Egon, after revealing him as the grandfather, guided her in bringing back the equipment of Ghostbusters. While testing a proton set with Podcast, she discovers the ghost they named “Muncher” that haunted Shandor’s foundry and flew to the city.

Having repaired the Cadillac Ecto-1 engine of Ghostbusters, together with Egon’s assistance, Trevor utilizes the vehicle to chase Muncher together with the pair; then, they captured it, but were arrested for a damage incurred, and the equipment was seized. Using the telephone number of Ghostbusters that she wrote down, Phoebe contacted Ray Stantz for the help and told him Egon was dead. Ray in turn informed Phoebe of what turned the Ghostbusters right after they have beaten Vigo the Carpathian. Then, he also revealed that after those Ghostbusters had scattered, Egon stole the equipment and transferred to Summerville to chase the unspecified threat. The ghost of Egon leads Callie to the wall of the detailed notes and the photos he kept of the life of his daughter, showing he really love her and more than she can thought about it. Trevor, Phoebe, Podcast, and Lucky locate the temple of Gozerian within the mine. Discovering even more, they locate that Shandor is alive within his casket, and the automatic proton cannons, set-up by Egon, hindered Gozer’s attempted to cross over. Vinz Clortho and Zuul possessed Gary and Callie, and destroyed Egon’s equipment, permitting Gozer to run away. Shandor awakened and pledged his fealty with Gozer, but was killed nevertheless.

Writer’s Notion

The first series of ‘Ghostbusters’ is being considered as one of those adored movies of all. While the second one takes criticism at times, but it seems to be as good as their first one.

There is a feeling of somewhat forced to give that benefit of any doubts and realize if the fears were even right or wrong. The movie is a heartfelt, funny and a coherent story that gives respect to their roots and keeps going the saga on the loving way. The story has not been revealed that many because of the key reason and when someone had been sadly spoiled, and when that part takes place on the silver screen will be just downright marvelous. However, it is not just that tip: the movie had some more peaks. The cast were much better than you can expect them to act and that is a credit to their compelling and great performances. There are also some suspenseful and terror sequences that hack back into that so damn miss-old style of the eighties.

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