Horror in the High Desert, 2021

This is an American film written, directed and produced by Dutch Marich. This is in a pseudo-documentary design, and presents found footage elements regarding the mysterious fading of the hiker in a High Desert area of Nevada.

Cast Lists

Eric Mencis performed as Gary Hinge, an extreme hiker

David Morales performed as ‘Bill’ William Salerno, private investigator

Errol Porter performed as Simon Rodgers, housemate of Gary

Tonya Williams-Ogden performed as Beverly Hinge, sister of Gary

Suziey Block performed as Gal Roberts, a reporter



The initial part of this documentary concentrates on a police “missing person” reported of the amateur hiker known as Gary Hinge: Towards the end of 2017 of July, Gary hiked to the unspecified place in Nevada, the Mojave Desert. His starting area was the Ruth town and the target was presumably the cabin he had drawn near on the former expedition. When he had been two days past from the estimated return date that did not return, Simon Rodgers, his housemate, alerted Beverly Hinge, Gary’s sister, who then notified the police. Over a week then had passed since the last glimpse from Gary.

Initially, the police performed the search based on the last GPS spot on the cell phone of Gary. The state and the local police were involved, and also the park rangers and volunteer groups. After some days past, it was detailed that the truck of Gary was found, near in Ruth, Nevada, towards the end of the dirt lane at the foot of a tiny hill. This finding encouraged the search parties, who have covered the bigger areas on foot, through helicopter and drones. Nobody from the teams was able to locate indications or traces of Gary’s position. After some more days and still no news, the police ended the search, and they concluded that the chances to find Gary alive were practically nil, because of the fact that he’s traveling with minimal supplies, equipment and water, which will left him empty at the weather’s mercy during the hottest time and also some other dangers, like local fauna or those numerous abandoned mining pits within the area.

As days went on, the media closed reporting about it. Afterward, Beverly hired William ‘Bill’ Salerno, a personal investigator, so that this case wouldn’t be abandoned. One reporter from the local media outlet, Mr. Gal Roberts, was determined to convince the editor to stay on top of this story, lest this will be forgotten and be a “cold case”. So, the investigation focused on the hints that could be gotten from the truck, which is considered the crime scene. There were two aspects that stood out; first, the many fingerprints that didn’t match Gary Hinge’s had been located all over the car, particularly on the car’s steering wheel. Furthermore, the track of barefoot footprints that did not also match with Gary was there. Since the fingerprints did not tally any database, the policemen found themselves at the end of the investigation. Bill Salerno began digging alone into the social networks of Gary and Gal Roberts discovers the promising hint in a video blog wherein Gary used to share his hiking and the survival adventures he went through, under an alias “Scorpion Sam”.

Writer’s Notion

The movie, if given a chance can be rewarded with a creepy, entertaining and a very interesting experience. After discovering the indie gem, you will surely like to hop through the web page to see what will other people think of this movie and, funny enough, there are lots of people with unlike platforms had been wondering aloud if this movie is real.

Another thing about the movie is the place, the Nevada wilderness. If you have been here, you will enjoy camping here. There are really creepy places here and watching the film was a subtle nightmare fuel. Some complaints about the movie are that it has lots of talking head segments; however, that will not seem to bother some audience. There are some audiences that seemed to be happily following the movie story which can be a bit intriguing. Usually, the least favorite side of finding footage in a movie is its ultra-shaky camera function. All in all, the movie does a really nice slow burn, then, it became fairly unnerving during the conclusion part.

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