House on the Bayou, 2021

This is one American horror movie that is both directed and written by Alex McAulay and had been led by very talented stars.

Cast Lists


Paul Schneider performed as John Chambers                     Angela Sarafyan performed as Jessica Chambers

Rhonda Johnson Dents performed as Deputy Torres         Lia McHugh performed as Anna Chambers

Doug Van Liew performed as Grandpappy                            Jacob Lofland performed as Isaac

Lauren Richards performed as Vivienne Ballard


Jessica Chambers confronted her husband John about having an affair. John admitted that he had been dating Vivienne, one of the students in the university. John agreed to break- off Vivienne, just not to say anything to Anna, their daughter, about his affair, and to be on holiday break with his daughter and his wife to mend again their family.

Their family traveled to a dwelling place in Louisiana bayou which Jess managed through her work of being a realtor. Their family will have a vacation at the house while Jess is set up to go to the market. John and Jess argued over to have veal cutlets or hamburgers for dinner. Jess send-off Anna and John to the veal dinner. While inside the store, Anna met and flirted with the boy with the name of Isaac. The owner of the store writes the cryptic message over John’s receipt that states: “The devil had been watching you.” John left without buying that veal and lied to Jess, and says that the veal was out already.

Isaac soon appeared at their door and manipulated John and Jess to having his Grandfather, the store owner, and Isaac, to cook veal, revealing that John had lied. Over dinner, Isaac adverse towards John and tortured psychologically the three members of the family with vague threats. The grandfather explained that Isaac is one odd force and played the record while Isaac was away. Their disc played the conversation that revealed John was planning to leave there his family so he can be with Vivienne. John denied this and was goaded to going out with Isaac, wherein John revealed that he paid Isaac and the grandpappy to kill Jess for the payoff. Isaac suggested he is controlling over things right now as inside Grandfather insisted John is being guilty of being one poor father and husband. When they return, Jess told John she is separating him and that Jess saw by his gaslighting. Isaac tricked John into coming in the room and locked him in. Vivienne showed up at their door, lured there through Isaac using the telephone of John. The grandpappy had been forcing Anna to burning Vivienne, locked inside the vehicle, for her lapse but Jess burned her instead. Inside the chaos, John was killed by the coyote inside a locked area, and Jess murdered Isaac and the Grandpappy for the torturous evening.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is an interesting tiny horror thriller, regarding bad things that people are doing with each other. Isaac was very unnerving and somewhat charming too. It felt like the old school style horror type movie, but overall, the movie is satisfying except for some scenes. If you are someone who will like the old school gothic terrifying movie, then, you may enjoy well when you allow Grandpappy and Isaac take you for the ride to their beat-up truck. Although the movie did not win an award, but it is unnerving and creepy and a half way of decent acting, and the mom’s acting may be worst to say, but it is still worth watching, if you can take past about her robotic emotions.

Most scenes in the movie are mostly unpredictable, it’s odd and initially situations seemed to escalate out from nowhere, however, they do go anywhere, and there is the dim enigmatic character and there is the moral lesson at its stories hub. The cast dialogue is weird most of the time and at times, the viewers is not aware what the hell had been happening during the runtime of the movie, because just when a viewer thought that the movie script is going right, it goes left. However, the movie unsettling tone is admirable and also the casting. The script, acting, score, moralistic message, tone and direction really complemented with each other. There was never a dull time watching the movie, although, you can’t take the daughter’s attitude as the runtime flew by.

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