Lamb, 2021

This film is a folk horror movie under the direction of Valdimar Jóhannsson that also co-wrote with the screenplay of the movie and with Sjón. This is an international co-production in between Sweden, Poland, and Iceland. This was chosen as an Icelandic entry for the Best Global Feature Film of the 94th Academy Award.

Cast Lists

Noomi Rapace performed as María                         Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson performed as Man on TV

Hilmir Snær Guðnason performed as Ingvar         Björn Hlynur Haraldsson performed as Pétur


In Iceland, there is a flock of horses that was spooked by the loudly, unknown breathing entity which makes the way to the barn. María, the farmer and Ingvar, the husband were shocked when a pregnant sheep gave birth to the hybrid of a human/sheep with mostly of the human body and the head of a lamb and right arm. Ingvar and María take the crossbreed infant in being their own and they took care of her and love her being their own child which they give the name of Ada who is after the name of the deceased daughter of Maria. The biological mother of Ada became a nuisance, trying to contact Ada continually and loitered outside the house of the couple.


Shortly after the incident where Ada went missing and is then located next to her mother. Ada’s mother was shot by María and buried the body in an unmarked, shallow grave. Unknown to her, Pétur, the brother of Ingvar, who arrived at the farmhouse before the killing, witnessed the incident just before he slept in the barn. Then, Pétur, who had that sexual advance with María in trying to rekindle their past affair, had been really bothered by Ada and maintained that belief that “it is one animal and not a human”. Ingvar claimed the entire circumstances had given them joy. Disturbed and increasingly angered by Ingvar and Maria’s connection to Ada, Pétur took her over an early morning stroll while everybody was asleep with an intention of assassinating her. After having that tearful change of mind, however, he is then seen soundly asleep with Ada and then became an uncle to Ada.

One evening, while Pétur, Ingvar and María were having their drunken party, Ada witnessed an unknown thing from before close by the barn. This entity proceeds to murder the dog of the family before taking the gun of the family. After that party, the drunken Ingvar went to bed to sleep and Pétur makes the sexual advantages towards María once more. When she rejected his advantages, Pétur revealed that he saw María killed the sheep mother of Ada, attempting on blackmailing María to have sex with him through threatening to tell all these to Ada.

Writer’s Notion

There are some things that can’t be explained even if they’re explained – you don’t get the whole explanation. You’ll just get the answer to a question – but there have been lots of questions that will open up. A thing that is certain is that, the two major characters don’t question some things, you should not too – but, you will likely have lesser fun, when you try depicting things that happened and the sense that they can or cannot do.

Even in the kingdom of humanity that the movie had played in, there’s not that much talking, however, the hum style and the cinematography will surely make up for it – and for a movie being a slow paced. You’ll have to be in that sort of movies to take into consideration watching it. There are some viewers that don’t have any idea what this movie would give them and it can be concluded that it was kind of shocked through some revelations. But it does really make sense – when you thought of the start and where it will end, even if there are some that wishes for a much different one, well, that is another story and for that, do not think of asking.

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