No One Gets Out Alive, 2021

The film is a British horror movie of director Santiago Menghini from the screenplay by Fernanda Coppel and Jon Croker and based on the novel of same name in 2014 by Adam Nevill.

Cast Lists


Cristina Rodlo performed as Ambar                         Phil Robertson performed as Arthur Welles

Moronkẹ Akinola performed as Kinsi                       Victoria Alcock performed as Mary

Alejandro Akara performed as Carlos                       David Barrera performed as Beto

Joana Borja performed as Simona                             David Figlioli performed as Becker

Marc Menchaca performed as Red                           Mitchell Mullen performed as Rilles

Jeff Mirza performed as the Motel Manager        Vala Noren performed as Freja


Ambar, the undocumented immigrant, moves to Cleveland from Mexico after her mother died. She supported herself with those under the table jobs and with her savings. In exploring for a place to dwell, she finds the falling down boarding house that was run by Red and who demanded for the initial month rent up front. Right after moving in, strange things happen outside and inside the boarding house. One evening, she saw a man who was banging his head next to the door, who then she later discovered was Becker, the sick brother of Red. Some areas in the house were filled with odd artifacts, like the depictions of the service sacrifices. Ghostly figures were seen around their house.

While looking for the best job, Ambar gave her co-worker the rest of her savings so she can have the fake identification that proclaims her being a US national. However, this co-worker betrayed her and stole her money and quit the job. Ambar asked her boss about the address of her co-worker, but was fired instead. Afraid by the supernatural visions, Ambar escape the boarding house. Unable to take help from Beto, the distant cousin and desperate of money, Ambar was obliged to phone Red. They met at the nearby diner and Red promised her to refund the deposit, however, she has to return to the house since he claimed to not have sufficient cash on him. The moment they arrive at her boarding house, the money was not in the room as agreed upon. Instead, Becker locked Ambar in the room together with the other two Romanian ladies who have also transferred in the boarding house. These two women start humming a lullaby which prompted Ambar to go to sleep.

As Becker and Red prepared the ladies to bring down to their basement for the unknown reasons, Beto came searching for Ambar but was beaten by Becker. Becker took one from the Romanian lady downstairs; Red told Ambar that his father was an archeologist who takes back the stone container from his journey from 1963 to Mexico. Something about the container led Red’s father, together with Mary, his mother, to trap and killed women. Discovering what they were done, Red wishes to leave but then Becker insisted that they stay: each woman being offered to the stone container is giving improvement to the health of Becker.

Writer’s Notion

The main character in the movie had a good back stuff and stories that happened along the way that makes the movie more than of being a slasher film. The movie makes some real consideration for her. The final scenes are impressive. If you have read what the reviewers have written on their comments that seem not quite okay, it is because they do not get that the idiom of the film is different with that of the literature. Horror is just like comedy; it is subjective.

If you still have not read the book version of this title, then this is really a really good stand alone kind of bog standard horror. It is original and creepy in its parts but sadly, the movie captures nothing of the gothic pagan and desolation horror of its book. The worst of all, its’ great twist when you reach the end of what you are reading had been totally left out here, that is really a huge let down. It is anticipated that they remake them movie with British production whose are capturing every atmosphere

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