On the 3rd Day, 2021

The movie is an Argentinian horror film that is about a mother that will do whatever a mother can to locate for the missing son right after an auto crash happened. This movie is under the direction of Daniel de la Vega with the writers Gonzalo Ventura and Alberto Fasce.

Cast Lists

Federico Aimetta performed as Voz Antiguo       Mariana Anghileri performed as Cecilia Amato

Octavio Belmonte performed as Martin Garro     Susana Beltrán performed as Ofelia Beltrán

Arturo Bonín performed as José                                Sergio Boris performed as Comisario

Diego Cremonesi performed as Fernando Garro Lautaro Delgado performed as Hernán Pastori

Mathias Domizi performed as El Antiguo               Pochi Ducasse performed as Irma

Verónica Intile performed as Lucía Fígaro              Nicolás Galvagno performed as Oficial D. Schiaffino

Osmar Núñez performed as Noriega                        Rodolfo Ranni performed as Fermín        

Alejandra Rincón performed as Enfermero           Gerardo Romano performed as Padre Enrique

Osvaldo Santoro performed as Ricardo Ventura Sebastian Sewrjugin performed as Enfermero



Cecilia and her only son Martín had a vehicle accident. On the 3rd day right after the bump into, she wandered by herself on the very lonely route and then there was no clue about her son. She cannot even remember within what really happened during that time and she was desperately searching for her son. During her quest she discovers coincidences with the other police files and also her case and which seemed to be action of the brutal hunting. The circle went around and Cecilia ended up facing the religious guy, who was the accountable of this slaughter. To her, he is lunatic. To him, Cecilia was the real enemy.

Writer’s Notion

Upon seeing the Del Toro films during the introduction, you will surely feel hopeful, because Del Toro is truly one of the best directors. Sad to say, for some strange reason the story didn’t want to clot in a very effective way. The element by themselves and the very effective mystery made from the start certainly appears to promise a tough, Gothic film. But, you will not be sure why, it did not come altogether in an efficient way.

The visuals had been all good, the soundtrack, the lighting, and even the cast acting was really decent. However, this is just a thing from those rather odd cases where you cannot quite tell really what went bad or precisely what the moviemakers did wrong, since the story appears like it must have been better in some ways. The reason behind is kind of not certain as to why the movie didn’t exactly work the way it is expected. The overall atmosphere and mood was created really good. There was that palpable feeling of mystery right from its beginning, which efficiently draws the audience and makes them think what really went wrong. Even the last part was indeed astonishing and not really predictable at all. This sound like it must have worked, but in some way it didn’t…

The mood and the look of the movie was definitely a Del Toro, but, in the end, the story just did not work at all. But still, the movie is recommended to watch because of its nice atmosphere and look, and it is for you to judge it after, and probably there are some people out there who can appreciate it even more so in some point while watching.

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