Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, 2021

The film is an American found footage and supernatural horror movie of director William Eubank with the writer Christopher Landon. It served as the seventh chapter of this Paranormal Activity series, and it follows the group that tried to make the documentary about the Amish community, and just for them to find out the horrific secrets that the town holds.

Cast Lists


Emily Bader appeared as Margot                              Henry Ayres-Brown appeared as Samuel Beiler

Roland Buck III appeared as Chris                              Dan Lippert appeared as Dale

Tom Nowicki appeared as Jacob Beiler

Kirby Johnson and Kyli Zion appeared as Asmodeus of its Book of Tobit


Margot and Chris, her cameraman friend wanted to make the documentary about the past of Margot. Sarah, her mother, abandoned her outside the hospice, and she wondered what drove Sarah in making that drastic decision. Through the genetics site, Chris and Margot met Samuel, her blood relative, who was an Amish presently going through the Rumspringa. After these three fly going to Pennsylvania, they were joined by Dale, the documentary’s soundman. Samuel led them to the Farm of Beiler, where he and the mother of Margot came from.

Jacob, the patriarch of the commune and Sarah’s father, welcomes the group, where they locate lodging in the rustic area. Late in the evening, Margot woke up and discovered the red lights that are moving at a distance. Samuel dismissed it as the hunting party. Margot visited the barn and locates the girl brushing the hair of her doll. Sarah is the doll’s name, and when Margot told the girl that the doll’s name was same with her mother, the girl cryptically said that Sarah was “still there.” Then, night time comes and Margot heard sounds from the old room of her mother in the attic and also saw a spirit. The following morning, they interviewed Jacob on cam. He told them about this free-spirited Sarah that defied their practices through sleeping with the boy from their neighboring village and then become pregnant. As a substitute of following the custom through forcing her into giving up Margot into an adoptive kin, she instead left Margot in a hospice, and Sarah is being assumed dead now.

Through the drone footage, the team of Margot later locates the church that holds the warning in staying away, but Jacob came to put them off from coming in. That evening, Margot and the group discovered the odd ritual in a barn where in the newborn goat that is two-headed was sacrificed. Decided on finding out the secret of the commune, Chris and Margot broke into the church when Dale distracted Samuel. They discovered murals depicting a demonic shape, Asmodeus, and also a deep tunnel that Margot descended before retreating the moment she heard the odd noise. Margot sneaked in the room of Jacob in the following day wherein he finds the computer, where it has been discovered that he and Samuel had been identified about her being the daughter of Sarah and orchestrated her coming. She became upset and Chris suggested that they should leave.

Writer’s Notion

‘Paranormal Activity’ films were once the staple of all Halloween. They were extremely consistent right up to the very unfortunate of the ‘Ghost Dimension’ that killed the series. Years later now, another entry came out in this ‘Paranormal Activity’ sequence. The only issue is that it’s a piece of the series that is in name only. This has no relation with the earlier films and it had nothing that demanded it become one ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie. This could be like any other old found footage movie – and not the really good one.

The original sequence was really good because this has been set in a very ordinary looking home just like yours. A film that is set on the Amish farm is not scary anyway, because who among us is ever willing to go? But, the movie had been able to restore the series feeling during the first half time of the movie. The movie was actually forming up quite nicely in a while there up until it settled on going well off its rails at the end. Also, the other thing that you will like in this movie is their main three characters. The cast were all very likeable, although it feels like it is a random of found footage movie that needed the selling point.

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