Séance, 2021

The film is a supernatural horror movie that is directed and written by Simon Barrett. This film was released by RLJE Films.

Cast Lists

Suki Waterhouse performed as Camille Meadows            Djouliet Amara performed as Rosalind Carlisle

Madisen Beaty performed as Bethany                                    Megan Best performed as Kerrie Riley

Jade Michael performed as Lenora                                           Seamus Patterson performed as Trevor Landry

Ella-Rae Smith performed as Helina                                          Inanna Sarkis performed as Alice

Marina Stephenson Kerr performed as Mrs. Landry           Stephanie Sy performed as Yvonne



One evening at Edelvine Academy for the girls, the clique of girls lead by the ruthless famous lass Alice, play the prank on Kerrie their classmate by faking the haunting through an Edelvine Ghost, the urban legend that involved the learner that murdered herself. Upset, Kerrie returned to her dorm where she glimpses the figure watching her. During the time that the girls heard her screams and rushes into her room, there they saw Kerrie dead, having dropped out of the window of the dorm.

Camille, the new student, takes Kerrie’s place in the academy. She met Mrs. Landry, the headmistress and Trevor, the son, who worked as the handyman. Student Helina showed Camille to her space which happened to be the old room of Kerrie. Camille noticed the odd supernatural happenings inside the room. Camille encountered Alice and the other members of the clique; Lenora, Bethany, Yvonne, and Rosalind. The crowd harassed Helina and Camille until the bottle shattered. Mrs. Landry sentenced these girls to spend their detention inside the library. Alice convinced Helina and Camille to join them in the Seance to talk to Kerrie. Although Helina and Camille were expecting another prank, this crowd was stunned when they make contact with the spirit that warned them that they’ll be killed. The group wondered if they really communicated with the Edelvine Ghost or Kerrie. Later that evening, Lenora was attacked and was killed by the unseen assailant. The following day, Mrs. Landry questioned the girls about the unusual disappearance of Lenora and informed them her personal stuffs were all missing, suspecting that she run away.

The crowd investigated her place with the help of Trevor and discovered the odd cross drawn by blood on the bed of Lenora. Camille later identified the cross as the sign on the pendant that Alicia has worn, the dead student who apparently became Edelvine Ghost. Later on that evening, Rosalind was murdered in the shower room, her body being located by Camille. This passing is presumed to be an accident. Unsettled, Helina visited by Camille and they discussed the chances of having ghosts. Bethany spotted the masked figure inside her place which disappeared when she screamed for some help. Bethany claimed it’s the Edelvine Ghost; however, Mrs. Landry dismissed it to be a bad dream whereas Camille is unconvinced also that it was the ghost since Bethany was able of scaring it away. Helina, Alice, Bethany, Yvonne and Camille meet for one more seance to call Rosalind and asked her what really happened. The spirit of Rosalind stated that she was killed and identified Camille to be the murderer. Alice attacked Camille when the others are growing suspicious of Camille. During the practice of her dance performance, Yvonne was murdered by this masked figure Bethany had seen.

Writer’s Notion

When you watch this horror, mystery movie, you will not claim that this is really in that criteria for those young adult horror films, but it was not.

Do not harbor much of any expectations or high hopes for this movie. The premise and the synopsis of this movie just made it appear seem like it had been going to be one more from those dimes of dozen standards, but still, giving the director and writer the profit to any doubt, since probably, this is the kind of movie that you still did not watch yet, so, you will try and said to yourself, let’s give it a try! Everything that transpired in the story of this movie is the stuff that had been completed and watched in countless other terrifying movies, and quite usual completed and seen even better in some other movies. And so yeah, the movie was not all that bad, especially when you watch it with popcorn on the side.

The story, aside from being a generic one was uneventful and incredibly slow paced. It was really quite a resist and an ordeal in sitting by the movie and even found just anything remote and enjoyable. The acting performances here of the cast was somewhat good, especially when considering that the casts just had virtually nonentity to work with regards to the interesting characters, the proper storyline, or anything else with this matter.

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