Slapface, 2021

The film is an American Indie horror movie both directed and written by Jeremiah Kipp, under the production of Mike Manning. It is a feature-length edition of the 2017 short movie Kipps with the similar name, it features the ensemble cast with Lukas Hassel as their film monster.

Director Jeremiah Kipp, with Dominick Sivilli, the cinematographer and Curtis Braly, the co-executive producer make cameos in this movie, and with the actual-life members from the city of the Fishkill Police Department.

Cast Lists

August Maturo performed as Lucas                         Mike Manning performed as Tom

Maha Maturo performed as The Mom                    Larry Mihlon performed as the Airbnb Host

Ilaria Malvezzi performed as the Woman in Bar   Jason Perez performed as the Library Worker

Alixx Schottland performed as Mrs. Blair                Marc Abbott performed as Moriah’s Father

Nick Theurer performed as Deputy Shepard         Michael Thurston performed as the Airbnb Friend

Libe Barer performed as Anna                                    Bryan Enk performed as Deputy Leory

John Backstrom performed as Bartender               Curtis Braly performed as a Nurse

Debra Khan-Bey performed as Moriah’s Mother Tina V. Bickmore performed as the Doctor

Bianca D’Ambrosio performed as Donna                Joseph DiGennaro performed as The Dad

Chiara D’Ambrosio performed as Rose                    Tim Dwyer performed as the Twins’ Dad

Lukas Hassel performed as The Monster                Dan Hedaya performed as the Sheriff John Thurston

Mack Kuhr performed as Deputy Leggett               Stella Hollon-King performed as the Little Girl

Mirabelle Lee performed as Moriah



Lucas with Tom, his neglectful old brother dwells alone in the rundown home right after the passing of their mom, who grabbed them away from the abusive father. They played the “game” that was called Slapface, which involved them slapping the face of each other aggressively, and the “friends” of Lucas were Moriah, Donna, and Rose are the trio female who are all bullies.

One day, Lucas was forced by this trio to explore the vacant house with his trio friends for “stalking” Moriah, and whom he had a crush on. Lucas encountered the monster known as Virago, and Lucas is friends with it over the path of several days.

Writer’s Notion

Initially, the movie has an odd title. It made sense, but, given the movie’s contents, it was just a lousy film title. The movie is pointless and slow paced. The storyline that was told in the “Slapface” was one that had been lacking a suitable structure. This movie felt somewhat random and chaotic. The fact that its narration was sleep-inducingly sluggish did not really help to sweeten a deal.

The acting routine in the movie was actually good, particularly from the young lead star, because he actually carried the film quite well. Its monster was sort of having a lukewarm experience. The violent aspects were entertaining enough, but the fact that this befriended a kid had been fun too. However, the entire movie was just bland.

In the movie, the monster was shrouded always in shadowy shade and therefore, you will never really get the proper look, like the effects, makeup, design, etc. and it fails on that account. If you’re a newcomer and a pre-teen to a horror genre generally, then you could see how the movie would be categorized as a horror movie. However, for the lifelong terror aficionado, then this movie was a plain walk in a park. With regards to entertainment, they just dropped the movie ball too early on in an ordeal and did not recover the course. The movie was weak, so you can settle to look for something else that is really worth to watch.

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