The Believer, 2021

The film is an American horror movie and was directed and written by Shan Serafin. The film is regarding the woman determined murderously insane by the angry doctor’s strange optional therapy.

The Casts List

Aidan Bristow performed as Mr. Lucas                   Sophie Kargman performed as Violet

Robbie Goldstein                                                              Lindsay Ginter performed as Gus

Susan Wilder performed as Charlotte                      Billy Zane performed as Dr. Benedict



A jobless nuclear scientist struggled with the tension with his marriage right after his wife, oddly terminated her pregnancy without informing him. As his physical conditions start to inexplicably get worse, his wife’s behavior develops to increasingly become odd and he looks for clearness from the therapist. Exhausted of his job search, odd events start to take place in the house and his health condition is progressively declining. Dr. Benedict recommended that they try an optional therapy, but it will only make his condition even worse. Lucas questioned the effectiveness of Benedict as his hold on reality start to fade. Violet aroused his ever-deepening suspicion, and after the visits from the two mysterious visitors, her insidious attitude became disturbingly pervasive. The anger and frustration of Lucas turned to worry as Violet’s sinister intention has been revealed. Lucas tried in vain to run away the evil web that she had spun, but from that moment that he finds out the truth, it will late then.

Writer’s Notion

The movie was an enjoyable one when it is a slightly flawed genre attempt. Among the more pleasurable features here was the generally engrossing and enjoyable setup that depicted the present state of their union and just how they come up with a strained point. Getting sufficient glimpse about the early days where it is all created around these two being more comfortable and loose with one another just as the normal wedded couple would be, the contrast in between these flashbacks with the dreary, depressing present day scenes offered the fantastic portrait of the strained couple that is about to take their breaking point.

When it is about the supernatural attacks, the movie does have most of the fun elements. The idea of this couple having the series of marital problems bringing out some confrontations with the supposed demons, changing the path of their lives and this gives a somewhat tense setting that was nicely continued with the series of revelations. These are what will hold the movie up overall. There had been some problems and the biggest issue was that the movie’s decision to concentrate more on their marital strife, that there is not that much in a way of action genre being present. Far even more of this one came off as the troubled-marriage drama instead of the out-and-out terrifying movie where there’s not that much going on, since the 2-person setting was a major hurdle to include any kind of confrontations or attack, which will swing this one to more of those familiar expectations that has this setup. It goes altogether with the sequence of mind-bending, turn-heavy storyline revelations which will make this an unnecessary and a more complicated one, than it is needed to be with regards to whether a movie is based in hallucination or in reality.

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