The Black Phone, 2021

This is an American supernatural horror movie under the direction of Scott Derrickson with the writers C. Robert Cargill and Derrickson, who both produced the movie with Jason Blum. The film is the adaptation of the short story from 2004 with a similar label by Joe Hill. In the movie, the abducted teenager uses a mysterious phone number to communicate with a former victim of their captor.

Cast Lists


Mason Thames performed as Finney, the young student that was captured by A Grabber

Jeremy Davies performed as Terrence, Gwen’s and Finney abusive and alcoholic widowed father

Ethan Hawke performed as The Grabber, the serial killer and child kidnapper

Madeleine McGraw performed as Gwen, sister of Finney encountering psychic dreams

E. Roger Mitchell performed as Detective Wright

James Ransone performed as Max

Troy Rudeseal performed as Detective Miller

The School Bullies

Rebecca Clarke performed as Donna, Finney’s crush       Spencer Fitzgerald performed as Buzz

Jordan Isaiah White performed as Matty                               Brady Ryan performed as Matt

J. Gaven Wilde performed as Moose

The Grabber’s Victims

Miguel Cazarez Mora performed as Robin                             Robert Fortunato performed as Cop

Brady Hepner performed as Vance                                           Jacob Moran performed as Billy

Tristan Pravong performed as Bruce                                        Banks Repeta performed as Griffin


In year 1978, the serial child kidnapper called as “The Grabber” prowls over the streets of the Denver suburb. The siblings Gwen and Finney Blake dwelled in a place with their alcoholic and abusive father. In their school, Finney was frequently harassed and bullied. His classmate and friend, Robin, always fend off those bullies. Bruce, one of the acquaintances of Finney’s, was abducted by this Grabber. Gwen, who had a psychic dream much like her deceased mom, dreams of kidnapping Bruce and saw that he had been taken by the man in the black van with the black balloons. The Detectives Miller and Wright interviewed Gwen but resist believing her claims. This Grabber abducted Robin, and also Finney days after. Finney awakened in the soundproofed underground. On the wall was the disconnected black rotary telephone that this Grabber says doesn’t work. Later, Finney heard the phone rang and answered it. Bruce was not able to recall his name when he was still alive, tells Finney regarding the floor tile he will remove to dig the tunnel to run away.

The search for Finney by the police is not successful. The Grabber takes Finney foods and leaves the entry to a basement unlocked. Finney was prepared to sneak out and was just stopping by one more boy over the telephone called Billy. He explained that this is the game that this Grabber plays, and so he was waiting upstairs to harass Finney with the belt if he will leave the basement. Billy instructed him to use the cord Billy saw to get out through the basement window. Whilst climbing, Finney broke the bar over the window, avoiding him from returning back up. Gwen dreamt of Billy being kidnapped and confided in her father regarding what happened.

Writer’s Notion

The movie took a moment to get going however, the moment it does it gives many tense moments without the total reliance on jump shocks with the consistent unsettling atmosphere and also many satisfying times of set-up and also pay off. Madeleine McGraw and Mason Thames were both terrific, taking lots of the movie on their shoulders, then, ably rising into a task. Ethan was really frightening being a grabber, and able of conveying a lot, even though being hidden under a mask for the most part of the movie.

Derrickson’s direction is an amazing movie and was constantly mobile to smartly contrast the confined surroundings with lots of style from the 70s. The music of M. Korven is beautiful and excellently haunting and an era appropriate. There are some solid needle drops too. It was not that good or bad, and there is really no terrifying move in the movie. The story is poorly executed and a really poor one and it seems very overrated, people are saying that it is the best terrifying movie; however, it can be said that they probably did not see a real horror movie at all.

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