The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, 2021

The American supernatural horror movie is under the direction by Michael Chaves. The film served as the sequel from previous The Conjuring of 2013 and 2016 and this is the 8th installment in the Universe of Conjuring.

Cast Lists

Vera Farmiga performed as Lorraine Warren       Mitchell Hoog performed as the young Ed Warren

Julian Hilliard performed as David Glatzel              Sarah Catherine Hook performed as Debbie Glatzel

Sterling Jerins performed as Judy Warren              John Noble performed as Father Kastner

Shannon Kook performed as Drew Thomas           Kaleka performed as Jury Foreman

Davis Osborne performed as Infirmary Patient    Mark Rowe performed as Sergeant Thomas

Vince Pisani performed as Father Newman          Jay Peterson performed as The Linebacker

Patrick Wilson performed as Ed Warren                 Paul Wilson performed as Carl Glatzel

Andrea Andrade performed as Katie Lincoln         Charlene Amoia performed as Judy Glatzel

Bonnie Aarons performed as Valak (ending)         Eugenie Bondurant performed as Isla, an Occultist

Keith Arthur Bolden performed as Sergeant Clay     Ronnie Gene Blevins performed as Bruno Sauls            

Ingrid Bisu performed being Jessica Louise Strong    Steve Coulter performed as Father Gordon   

Ashley LeConte Campbell performed as Meryl    Stella Doyle performed as Kennel Customer

Ruairi O’Connor performed being Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Megan Ashley Brown performed as the young Lorraine Warren



In 1981, Lorraine and Ed Warren, the demonologists, documented the exorcism of David Glatzel, the 8-year-old boy whom was attended by whole his family, his sibling Debbie with the boyfriend Arne Johnson, plus Gordon, the father in Brookfield, Connecticut. While performing the exorcism, Arne invited the demon to come in his body and not to David. Ed witnessed the demon transported itself from the body of David to Arne’s while suffering from a heart attack and was taken to the hospital in an insensible state.

The next month, Ed awakens at the hospice and revealed to Lorraine that he’s there and witnessed the demon coming into Arne’s body. She drives the police to Glatzel household, and warned them that a misfortune will take place. Debbie and Arne returned to the apartment located over the kennel where Debbie is working. After feeling ill, Arne murdered Bruno Sauls, his landlord, through stabbing him 22 periods because of his demonic possession. Through the assistance of the Warrens, Arne’s case became the primary American murder trial that claimed demonic possession as the defense, following at the start of the investigation to David’s initial possession. The Warrens then later discovered the satanic curse being passed on by the witch’s totem and then meet Kastner, the former priest who formerly dealt with those Disciples of Ram demonic cult. He told them that the occultist had purposely left the totem, following in the creation of the Glatzels curse, causing the David’s possession.

The Warrens travelled to Danvers, Massachusetts, for the investigation of the passing of Katie Lincoln she was also stabbed for 22 times. The detectives had discovered the totem at the house of Jessica, Katie’s friend, who’s missing. Lorraine initiated the vision to remake the killing and discovered that Jessica also stabbed Katie while being possessed before jumping into her death off of a cliff, which allows the detectives to recover the body. The Warrens travelled to a funeral home wherein her body rested, and Lorraine touched the hand of the corpse to help in finding the location of an occultist. In a vision, Lorraine witnessed the occultist trying to have Arne to kill himself but halts her just perfectly. Lorraine was threatened by an occultist and she told Ed that the connections worked in both means. The Warrens returned to their home in Connecticut for further investigation.

Writer’s Notion

The director tried to move the tale away from the normal haunted house story of the previous The Conjuring films. The issue is that the couple films were really much liked and so why deviate? There is really a need to be some diversity, but most of the haunting had sufficient variety to satisfy the viewers.

The beginning scenario is the best since it is their climax scene in the usual Conjuring movie of exorcism. The movie devolves into demonic curses and flashy unique effects while Lorraine and Ed investigated the source. There is a tiny step in between the ridiculous and the sublime and the film takes that pace big time. They created the similar error with Conjuring 2 wherein the final scene with the tree windows stuffed and the lightning would place to rest any queries of satanic possession. This movie went even further with exploding windows, helicopters around and levitating.

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