The Feast, 2021

This is a Welsh fantasy horror movie under the direction of Lee Haven Jones with the writer and producer Roger Williams and it premiered at the 2021 Official Selection of South by Southwest.

Cast Lists

Annes Elwy performed as Cadi                                  Julian Lewis Jones performed as Gwyn

Rhodri Meilir performed as Euros                             Lisa Palfrey performed as Mair Bowen

Nia Roberts performed as Glenda                             Caroline Berry performed as Delyth

Steffan Cennydd performed as Guto                       Sion Alun Davies performed as Gweirydd



One night, a wealthy family includes the politician Gwyn, Glenda, his wife, and their two sons, Gweirydd and Guto — hosts the dinner party at the inherited estate of Glenda in Welsh mountains. The guests were Mair, the neighboring farmer that grew up also with Glenda, and then Euros, the businessman that had been drilling for the oil on the land of the family. In helping cater in the party, Glenda hired Cadi from the close by town. Her preoccupation with an upcoming event prevented her from questioning or noticing unusual demeanor of Cadi: She arrived on her foot at the remote estate, she rarely speaks and her hair is still wet.

Cadi observed the family when she assisted Glenda to prepare. Guto was closely watched over by his parent right after the latest drug overdose he did. The other, Gweirydd, left his job for the triathlon in the hospital area. His obsessive exercise and diet regimen includes his eating raw meat. The elements of the lifestyle of the family appeared to be deeply confused and that upset Cadi. Cadi panics when she heard the shots from the gun of Gwyn hunting over a property and became even more upset the moment he takes the pair of deceased rabbits to prepare for their supper and became sick when she saw later the butchered rabbits being cooked in the primary course.

The emotional distress of Cadi had physical consequences: The muddy stain appeared over the clean tablecloth the moment she heard the gunshots, and the bottle of wine exploded in the hand of the Euro when he arrived and accused her of bagging off on a job. When she was alone, she tasted the wine off their ground, then picked up the pieces of broken glass, then inserted this to her vagina. The act doesn’t appear to hurt. The moment Guto asked Cadi if she had any drugs that can help him get from the party without the need to fight with the family she took him into the jungle and assisted him to pick the psychoactive mushrooms that grows near the big tree. He ate some of them just before coming in for dinner. Mair arrived and signaled the party to start. She explained that Lori, her husband, was supposed to attend with her, but there was an emergency that causes the delay: There is an unknown individual that drove into the nearby pond, and he’s helping to retrieve the remains.

Writer’s Notion

Cadi can be initially seen when she staggers up at the front entry of the house in the country. Appearing disheveled and wet, Cadi was late for the gig because of her helping with the dinner party. Often staring and rarely speaking blankly of the family members by some mysterious occurrences, Cadi’s working with Glenda while preparing the dinner is really noticeable that something is off.

The house itself has been notified of being able to portray also a character. Cold, modern, modern and displaying abstract arts that are representing a local land, it seemed quite out of the spot on the farmland. The house here seemed to not belong, and the dysfunctional family seemed to be out of place too, while Cadi here is the main outlier of all. More things get bizarre the moment the guests start to arrive. It turns out that the dinner party had been a ruse to have their neighbor Mair to be with them in the newborn riches. Mair’s demeanor, reaction and dress to Glenda’s showing this lifestyle had been noticeable too. Mair’s husband’s delayed in joining a gathering is really a more essential detail than it is originally thought.

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