The Manor, 2021

The film is an American supernatural horror movie under the writer and director Axelle Carolyn. The movie was released in the US by Amazon Studios, being their eighth installment of its anthological Welcome to Blumhouse film series.

On the review aggregator website of Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an approval rate of 62% with the average rate, while on Metacritic, the movie holds the rate of 59% which indicates “average or mixed reviews”.

Cast Lists

Barbara Hershey performed as Judith Albright                   Katie A. Keane performed as Barbara

Jill Larson performed as Trish                                                      Nancy Linehan Charles performed as Annette

Ciera Payton performed as Liesel                                              Shelly Robertson performed as Elizabeth

Mark Steger performed as Minion                                            Stacey Travis performed as Ms. Benson

Cissy Wellman performed as Imogen                                      Nicholas Alexander performed as Josh

Fran Bennett performed as Ruth                                               Bruce Davison performed as Roland



After suffering from a stroke during her 70th birthday get-together, Judith Albright, one professional dancer during her youth is now the dance instructor, and being transferred into the nursing home after having been diagnosed of having Parkinson’s disease. Josh, her seventeen year old grandson, whom she was very close to, opposed to moving, while his mom, Barbara, Judith’s daughter, tried to comfort him. Judith was assuring Josh that their move is the best thing to do for everyone. However, she notices soon the strange behaviors and also the passing of some other residents. She imagined a tree like shape looming inside her room. Finally, it was exposed that three of those other elderly individuals staying there are even much older and had been using the witchcraft in sucking the life force out of the victims (the patients of that Manor). This permits them to become youth again each night fall and went back to their old shapes when the sun will come up. In the end, Judith decided to be with them so that she can be able to live longer to also have more time with Josh, her grandson, who, also came from work at that Manor.

Writer’s Notion

The movie consists only of cliches and the themes been used for a thousand times in some horror cinema by now. If you have watched any other horror movie besides this one, you’ll predict not only its ending, but almost each line of dialogue and each scene, and every hint, every thought twist that have been seen before.

The tale has just been slapped together and also the movie expected you to buy lots of things. No one really bothered with the acting. The composite shot scene of an old man scaling a wall upside down had been hilariously cheesy. This felt like it had been made by somebody else who had never watched the horror film, but then checking the bio of the director will prove you wrong. So, maybe there are other reasons behind. The movie writing is good and also the pacing. The slow upsurge of suspense is also enjoyable.

The horror movie is not the kind of horror that will heavily depend on ghoulish creatures or special effects, but there is that atmosphere permeating the film. The house environment is spot on, that adds a bit level of believability. The final part was ok, although, 90% of the movie felt like waiting at the elevator, it does not matter that much. The make-up of the creature was surprisingly good, and so it is thought that it was made mainly for this film, seemed too costly for such a little budget kind of film.

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