The Resort, 2021

This is an American horror movie of the writer and director Taylor Chien. The movie has been shot in 2019, with Quavo, the hip-hop artist who helped produce it right after being pushed by the main producer.

Cast Lists

Bianca Haase performed as Lex                                 Brock O’Hurn performed as Chris                             

Dante Jimenez performed as Mike                           Rebecca Jarvis performed as Jessica                        

Avery Pascual performed as Sarah                            Danika Massey performed as P.I., Paranormal Host

Michelle Randolph performed as Bree                    Dave Sheridan performed as Detective

Michael Vlamis performed as Sam                            Joaquin Veizaga performed as Preston

Andy Bumatai performed as Helicopter Pilot        Romualdo Castillo performed as Henry

Casey Dacanay performed as Mrs. Kendall

Brandon B. Graham performed as A Haunting Of the Kilahuna Narrator



The writer who was studying horror fiction and then her three buddies had a trip to a Hawaiian isle to investigate the reports of the haunting at the abandoned hotel resort. Then her friends surprised her for her born-day, Lex, flew to a haunted and private island off to Hawaii to get the tale story for her latest book. The group began off playing and joking in the scenic waterfall, however, it quickly turned into a horror night when they cannot find the lane they came from, their flashlights were dying, and what will be only identified as a Half-Face Girl coming from those same ghost tales starts coming after them.

The first death was Bree, when the security vehicle locks everybody, but she was out of it, then, the engine begins on its own then drove her off a resort’s balcony. After Chris confirmed the state of Bree, the three left in order to go out and escape this Half-Face Girl. Causing the concern of the other members of the group was Sam, who was being possessed. He tried to strangle Chris, just only for Lex so he will be stabbed in the neck by a scissor. Because of his current nature, he does not quite die, and this Half-Face Girl ripped-off the face of Sam. The latter, is beside her now, stalked after Chris and Lex, who attempted to exit in the elevator. Chris sacrificed himself and so that Lex may get up that elevator as this Half-Face Girl tried climbing up and then reached her.

Upon going out, he locates Bree, who was blinded and badly injured from a crash. She, appears to be possessed, sang happy birthday for Lex, before lighting a flame beneath her. Lex narrated this all from the hospital bed to the skeptical detective, who was not sure how to all that she was saying, particularly since the pictures that she took are not on her telephone anymore. She claimed back that it was hard to watch every friend of yours to die into something so incredible as well. When a detective gets up for making the call to his police station, under the appearance of scouring the isle to assist in locating whoever caused the passing of her pals, Lex began fooling with the camera. After taking some photos of a detective, she noticed that he has the same veins to those of the possessed, then, lowered her telephones. The place about her crumbles, and then it’s revealed that she was still back in the resort and that she never left.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is unfathomably a slow paced one, and you had to venture an hour in the movie just before all things will start to happen. By then what took place just dumbfounded the audience and will had you shaking your head in doubts. The events that happened were just too late and too little. And it was a bit terrible, generic and laughable were it did not even do the squat to salvage a prior wasted 1 hour of none taking into that point.

The script for this movie might have been interesting and alluring on the paper, but, translated into the screen, this just fell short of being interesting, and much less to actually be scary. The special effects of the movie can be said as enough, but this was not sufficient in lifting up a train wreck. The movie acting was adequate enough for a film that is just like this. But you must not expect that much, since this is not at all groundbreaking acting performances into revolutionizing a horror genre. The cast did enough with the little that they need to work with.

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