The Wasteland, 2021

The movie is also known The Beast or La bestia, during its production stage. It is a Spanish horror drama movie of director David Casademunt from the screenplay by Martí Lucas, Casademunt, and Fran Menchón.

Cast Lists


Inma Cuesta performed as Lucía                                Asier Flores performed as Diego

Alejandra Howard performed as Juana                   Roberto Álamo performed as Salvador

Víctor Benjumea performed as the guy in the boat


Diego is one boy who dwells with his parents at the shack in the hub of nowhere. Lucia, his mother, is kind, while Salvador, his father, is solemn and stern. One night, Diego’s father told him about the beast that followed the person around and fed on their fear. Then one day, their family finds one badly injured guy in a boat and Salvador tries healing the man. The guy wandered into the shack, then picks up the rifle, pointing the rifle at Lucía and Diego.

A shot from a gun was heard, and there is a man seen being shot in his head. While going by his belongings, they discovered the family portrait. That evening, Diego’s father told him about his sibling, who saw the monster in their house. Salvador, who can’t see the beast, told Diego that if anybody spots it, their soul will be hopeless. Salvador decided to go look for the guy’s kin on his own.

In the next days, Lucía saw the presence come the shack every night; Diego does not see it. His mother starts acting erratically and cutoff her hair. She told Diego that the occurrence is outside and pushed him out and told him that the beast wants her. Diego forced his way back in the shack and discovers his mother badly hurt over the floor. He saw the beast walks towards them. Diego finally locates enough courage in facing the beast; he took the gun and shot at it. He sets the shack over the fire and dragged his mother out. He placed her in the wheelbarrow and then wheels going to the river, just to discover that she passed away. He floats the body going down the river and walked away.

Writer’s Notion

There are so many questions here in this movie, because the movie appears quite vague – although it is already showing things. Are they really there? And if possibly they are, what they can be? There are so many questions coming up.

The actors had been really great at their jobs – there is really nothing while in similar time there’s so much. It can be called wasteland; however, even in an empty space of nonentity, our mind can be filled with things – and there is no pun intended. It will depend about how much slack you’re much willing to cut or give to the movie, you will be capable of enjoying this even more than the others whose watching it. The script seemed to have a bit more progress and maybe, they also need a bit more money and time in realizing things and not just the effects. It is really hard to admit, but this movie makes no sense, even from the beginning of it.

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